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Hi everyone,

I've just come back from my day 9 stimulation scan and I'm feeling so deflated. I had 16 follicles (8 on each side) at my base line scan. I think my clinic have been quite conservative with me and have had me on a very low dose of medication. At my day 7 scan they upped my dose of FSH and today I have only 3 follicles on each side looking viable. I know they won't all make it to egg collection and even fewer will fertilise. I'm so disappointed, I know it only takes one but I feel like there was so much potential for a good batch. I'm feeling hopeless and like this will be a wasted cycle. Have to continue with this for another 5-6 days and hope that I can produce a few eggs. I'm devastated. This is a awful process!!

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  • Hoping things pick up for you and you get some really strong good quality embies xxx

  • Hi Shamrock16, I was also slow to respond to stims. After 7 days I have four follicles measuring 10/11mm. I was devastated. I was on the highest dose of merinonal. At day 12 I had 6 btw 12-17mm so still too small for egg collection. I had a scan yesterday (day 14) and I had 6 follicles measuring between 17-22 and egg collection is booked for Monday. I really didn't think it was going to happen but slowly but surely the follicles have grown. Don't give up xxx

  • Hi Shamrock, I was in a similar situation 4mths ago. At my baseline scan I had lots of follies waiting to be grown but my 1st stimming scan they could only count 6 in total and they were all on the small side. I remember having a complete meltdown to the nurse! Anyway they upped my dose of gonal f from 225 to 300 for a couple of days and at my next scan (only a couple of days later) there were 9 measurable follies (largest was 23mm)...the clinic also asked me to take an extra gonal f the day of my trigger shot.

    Anyway, it worked! At egg collection they got 10 eggs from 9 follies. 8 fertilised, 7 made it to 2 day embies where they put one back and froze the rest (my clinic did 2 day transfers as standard for some reason) Unfortunately that cycle failed but the clinic agreed to grow my other 6 to blastocyst. 4/6 made it...2 were put back in June (and 2 are still frozen) and I'm currently 7wks pregnant today.

    I know how hard it is when things don't go as well as we expect but don't lose hope yet. You're still in the game with everything to play for!! 😀 xxx

  • So sorry to hear that. I hope things can get better. You're not alone.


  • Hello, please don't be disappointed.. it's about the quality not the quantity. I only had 4 eggs collected. They all fertilised and we had two transferred on July 8. The other two didn't make it so nothing to freeze :( You can imagine that I was feeling so low as you hear about women having 20 eggs retrieved and I only had 4 and none to freeze. But guess what... I had my test on Wednesday and it was positive! I'm not getting too excited before the scan but I'm praying that everything is ok. Good luck to you and positive thinking :)

  • Thank you all for taking the time to reply. It was just such an unexpected twist, I thought this part would go to plan. I had all my contingencies in place for whatever the outcome from transfer but didn't expect this part not to go to plan. Just another twist in the ivf road. Lovely to hear some positive stories from you and to feel your support. Love and hugs to you all. Xxx

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