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Hi ladies, hope you are all well. So I'm currently having my daily injections and going for my scans every other day to measure the eggs. I'm now on my 8th day of injections and my biggest egg today measured at 13.5. My egg collection is due week commencing 2nd may do any of you know if the size of my biggest egg is good for where I am during this cycle?  I have apparently 5 eggs over 10mm and another 10 which they can see and are hoping to catch up. I'm a little worried if I only have the one egg at the minute which seems to be well ahead of all of the others?! 

I was meant to go down from 6 ampules to 4 with my injections but they have asked me to stay on the 6. Again this has concerned me, why  I not at the stage they predicted?! Xxxx

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  • It's not actually eggs they're measuring it's follicles and not every follicle is guaranteed to contain an egg just don't want you thinking you're definitely getting 5 eggs although more follicles might grow yet. I think it sounds like good sizes for where you're though :) 

  • Hiya sweet thank you for your mail. Thank you as well! This whole thing is going over my head to be honest I feel like I don't understand it at all!! When will we know how many eggs I will have then, will that be on egg collection day? Xxx

  • That's right there is no way of knowing till they've got them. But as the other ladies have said everyone is different x

  • Everyone is different and we all respond differently.  Don't be disheartened as things change daily you will be surprised at how quickly.

    Good luck for collection

  • I had that with my liquids I went from 5 to 3 back to 5 and every thing was fine its the follicles they are measuring when we for collection I had 8 eggs collected so don't worry everyone is different and you will be surprised how much they grow in a couple of days xx

  • Brilliant thank you all :) I'm excited for tomorrow I'm hoping they will tell me EC will be Monday! Xxx

  • Hi Emjayne91.  Your leading follicle should be at least 17mm.  Hope all goes/went well with your scan today. Diane

  • Apparently they can grow up to 2mm a day and you'll always have a lead follicle which storms ahead. You'll be fine X

  • Hi Hun 13.5 is good size special that u r still on  injection . I remember that I had more mature eggs on my right  ovary but what I know they usually want them to be size 17.0 ...something like that . If I was u I wouldn't worry my left ovary catch up and they collect at that time 11 eggs on 150 injection. X

  • Hi all thank you for your comments, had another scan today and I was told my biggest was 22.5 and o had two which were 17.5 and still a few around 14 so I was told that my EC would be Friday. I got home then a couple hours later they called me asking me to go straight back in. The doctor had my blood test from this morning, and wasn't what he was expecting (whatever they test with your blood they were expecting mine to be double than what it was) so they've said the doctor wants to push my EC to Wednesday. I came out feeling really deflated she said they're not hopeful because of my bloods if I will be successful with EC but either way I'll know on Wednesday if they can proceed or not. Has anyone else experienced the same and has a positive outcome? Xxx

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