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10 week Scan update x


So yesterday we were able to have our 10 week scan. All is well and measurements all good. The baby would not keep still and you could see him/her twirling and rolling around, kicking out and wiggling it was amazing to watch! When the baby did take a rest we were able to hear his heartbeat 💗 such an amazing day xx keep positive everyone xxxxxx

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Aww lovely picture xxx

Congratulations!!!! Xx

Whoop whoop! Xx

Brilliant! Enjoy your pregnancy 😍

Thank you xxx


Perfect 😊x

What a lovely read ❤️

Congratulations Hun perfect news xx


Lovely news Jade xx

Lovely PIC really pleased for you 💝😘💝

Thank you all ladies x I struggled so bad with anxiety the whole way through but today I just feel so happy and excited x

Brilliant news! X


Congratulations😍😍 i hope in a few days i will be happy as u.

jade1003 in reply to Hidden

I’m sure you will! Good luck xx

Hidden in reply to jade1003

Thx for ur good luck am positive😘😘😘

jade1003 in reply to Hidden

Excellent news !! Xxx

Lovely news! Congratulations xxx

Hey I have a scan on Saturday when I will be ten weeks five days, was your scan external or internal?

Internal they said internal until 12 weeks xxx

Good luck for Saturday ❤️

Thank you. Mine is with a private company as part of a package with NIPT (harmony) blood tests, and it says external. I’m worried they won’t see anything, especially as my uterus is retroverted. I don’t know if they have the facility for internal scans- I guess I’ll find out on Saturday! I’m so glad we booked it though as my dating scan has come through as not being until 13w3d which is a full five weeks to wait since my early scan- and I’m impatient!!

Ours is with private too but I’m pretty sure your clinic will make the decision. Maybe they will try external then swap x aw that is a long time! My dating and nhs scan isnt until we are 13 weeks either! Xx

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