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Viability Scan - Update 🌈 (SENSETIVE)


I had my early viability scan this afternoon, and I’m so pleased that our little bean is doing well and in the correct place. We even got to see a little flickering heart beat which was amazing 🥰 still early days but feeling more hopeful.

The scan revealed that both of my ovaries were overlarged, the right one being larger with a fluid build up - hence the pains. This apparently goes away by itself.

My hubby couldn’t make it so my mum gladly stepped in 🤣 she was overjoyed. As this scan was an early one due to the pains at the hospital. I’m thinking I shouldn’t tell my clinic as I would like hubby to see it next week. Would it be harmful to have a vaginal scan a week apart? Worried if I tell the clinic they won’t do it. 🙈

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Ahhh brilliant news, congratulations!!xx

Thank you so much lovely, so pleased to see you have started your next cycle. 💗Wishing you great things, and sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs 🤗 xxx

Lovely news. Many congratulations 😃😄 xx

Thank you so much 😊 xxx

That’s lovely news. There’s no harm in having scans a week apart. Hopefully it will be nice for you to see the progression next week x

Thank you so much 😊 appreciate the response as I didn’t want to risk anything by having another to soon. Would be lovely to see a difference next week 😍 xx

This is such amazing news ! Congratulations ! xXx

Thank you so much lovely 😘 xx

Yey!! My wonderful IVF sister! Amazing news💓💓💓💓💓

And don't worry about having a second scan a week apart I was at my clinic today and then still want to see me next week😍

My hubby also couldn't make it today and I had my sis in law with me.

What's up with our right ovaries! Seriously 🙈🙈

Was thinking of you yesterday lovely and was delighted to see your lovely news too ♥️ Oh thats good to hear that your clinic are still checking as scheduled next week. The hospital booked me in for a 9 week scan when I was there too, so hopefully I won't have to go to long without seeing the little bean :) Cant wait for our hubbies to see the little flickering heartbeats. I know, it did make me giggle that we both have at the right side. xx

Aww lovely you must be over the moon! So pleased for you x

Thank you - it was such a special moment. I’m looking forward to bringing hubby to the scan next week ☺️ Xx

Congratulations 🙂 Absolutely no harm in having another scan next week and I'm sure the clinic would want to do their own regardless. Definitely hubby will want to see, mine couldn't take his leaking eyes off the screen when the heartbeat was flickering away ♥️

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Thank you so much and the advice is appreciated ☺️ That would be such a precious moment to see your husband with happy tears! ❤️ Xx

Lovely news! I’m glad everything is all ok. Xx

Thank you lovely - really relieved 😌 still a way to go yet but feeling more positive xx

It's so great to see that little heartbeat. Here's to a smooth and healthy next 9 months xxx

Thank you so much lovely, I can’t wait to see it again next week 😌 hope your doing well xx

Ah very happy for u hun. Xx

Thank you so much lovely, hope you’re doing ok with everything and geared up for your next cycle ❤️🤗 Xxx

So pleased to read this update, hopefully your ovaries will settle soon. Really pleased for youxxxx

Thank you so much, so lovely of you 🤗 xx

Aw lovely news, congratulations x

Thank you so much ☺️ I seen that your getting the nausea effects too 🙈 I go all day not wanting to eat - then it gets to bed time and I start thinking about chicken wings (which I don’t even eat) 🤣 x

It's bizarre isn't it!! I'm usually a big food person but at the moment I just can't stomach anything 😳 it's a really strange feeling x

Congratulations. Lovely news 😀. I don’t think it will do any harm to have another scan next week. xx

Thank you lovely - going to go ahead with the scan next week, to excited not to show hubby 🙈 x

Great news, congratulations!

Thank you so much ❤️ Xx

So relieved hun and can't imagine how you must be feeling 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I spoke to my clinic today as my ovaries have been really painful and still feel swollen. Apparently it can take up to 12wks for them to go down following EC 🙄 and pregnancy hormones don't help! This is news to me and I'm pretty uncomfortable 😂🙈

Oh completely relieved, my anxiety was through the roof before I went in for the scan. It was such a relief 🥰 a wonderful moment.

They didn’t tell me anything like that either, it seems they only tell you things once you question it. Good to know about the 12 weeks though. Hope your pain isn’t too uncomfortable, I did use paracetamol a few times so don’t be afraid to take it.

Can’t wait until you get your scan next. If you do feel the pain gets worse ring the early pregnancy unit at the hospital as they seem more helpful and willing to do earlier scans 😉 xxx

Aww I bet it was. So happy to see your fantastic update 😘

The clinic also told me to take some paracetamol so I have taken a few when it's really bad - usually in the middle of the night when I have a really full bladder and it's been pushing against my ovaries 🙈 ouch!!

To be fair my clinic did say I could go in for an early scan if I wanted but now I know my ovaries can still be swollen I'm not worried, just a little uncomfortable at times. It feels exactly like it did after EC. I really want to hold out so I get to (hopefully) hear the heartbeat 🥰 I have had awful nausea and dry heaving this week so hoping that's a good sign everything is as it should be 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Great news congrats

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Thank you so much😊 xx

So pleased for you. Congratulations ✨🥳💐Xx

Thank you so much lovely - on cloud 9! 🥰 xxx


Hi MIlitarywife. Only just see your scan. Looking good to me so far. Hope all continues to go well for you. Diane

Thank you so much Diane, was a wonderful moment ❤️ Xx

Congratulations xxx

Thank you ☺️ X

This is lovely news, congratulations! xx

Yeah that is fabulous news, so happy for you. Good luck with the scan next week and here's praying you have a steady, happy pregnancy xx

Thank you lovely lady, cant wait to hear your update ❤️ xx

Yay 😊 glad all is well x xx

Thank you so much ❤️ :) x

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