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Endometrial Scratch and Time Lapse Embryoscope

Hi girls, has any of you done “ Endometrial Scratch” or “Time-lapse Embryoscope” I want to know is it worth to do this or not, they are about £900. I will start the injection next month, I am so exciting and nervous, the staff give me a choice the additional Extra ‘s, now I am little confuse !

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Hi Jessica,

We are about to start as well, and were offered both. They said for us the endometrial scratch wouldn’t be necessary at the moment but they have found it to be effective for women who have suffered multiple miscarriages or failed IVF rounds (this is our first round and I’ve never had a miscarriage).

With the embryoscope, our clinic said they haven’t seen this make any impact on the number of live births. So we decided not to go for it.

It’s really up to you, and I’d encourage you to speak more to your nurses etc becuase they will have the expert info.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much, hope everything good for you 🤲


Hey Hun, I had the scratch on our third go and it worked! I don't know if it was the actual scratch or the steroids I was on. Or just a combination of the two. But it worked. Good luck x


Thank you! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉,very happy to read the good news!

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Thank you very much!! X


According to the HFEA website both of these get an Amber light, meaning that they both show promising results but more research is needed hfea.gov.uk/treatments/expl...



Thank you 🙏!🤛🤛🤛


Hi. I have used both this time round (my 2nd and I think probably final IVF)... there has been a recent study saying that the endoscratch doesn't statistically improve chances of pregnancy - telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/0... but I wanted to feel like we'd thrown absolutely everything at this cycle!

With regards to embryoscope and time lapse - this has proved to be really really useful for us this time round. We didn't use it in our first (NHS) round although we could have had it as an add on. This time it showed that a large proportion of our embryos developed abnormally even though they went on to look normal by day 5 (all be it poor quality). Fortunately it also showed that we had one good blastocyst which developed exactly as it should and this is the one that we transferred back yesterday... last cycle we had 2 grade C embryos transferred, got our bfp but miscarried about 10 days later - possibly due to genetic abnormalities in the embryo(s) from abnormal development. Time lapse is £500 at our clinic and I think it is worth it if you can afford it as it definitely helps to give more infomation about how your embryos develop and gave us some possible reasons for our struggles which we didn't have before... Good luck with your cycle. Let me know if you have any questions :-) x

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Thank you so much! You are so nice🤛,we decided to do them!Best wishes for you


Mrs B has just described the purpose of the time-lapse imaging beautifully. We also used it but were never told how he embryos developed so I assume they were all developing normally. By Day 5 there was 1 that was a clear winner so that was the one we transferred. That would have been obvious whether or not we used the embryo scope. The other 3 that we’re decent quality were frozen. I did like the idea that the little embies didn’t have to be disturbed to be checked on unlike with traditional methods. It is also quite cool being able to have a usb stick showing how they develop (think all clinics offer it but in mine I had to ask to receive it).

I also had a scratch on my 4th cycle. As the other ladies have said there is mixed evidence out there about whether they are useful. Traditionally they are offered to ladies who have had a number of failed cycles but I know my clinic has recently taken part in a study to give it to first timers and see if helps them. No idea what the results were. For me, I did get a BFP after using it (after previously having a BFP, a chemical and a BFN) but I don’t know whether it helped. After I had it AF arrived early and was extremely heavy with some huge clots (which I don’t normally get). I put it down to my uterus having a clear out of the old lining before developing the new one.

Good luck with your cycle, whatever you decide.


🙏🙏🙏Thank you so much, you are so kindly, the answer is very useful 😂, 🤛🤛🤛enjoy your days!


There was some research to show that it improve implantation rates in women with previous failures but latest research has found it of no value

I have copied the summary of latest research on the endometrial scratch from Science Direct.

Endometrial scratch should be abandoned by fertility clinics, say international investigators


July 3, 2018


European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology


An add-on treatment commonly offered to female IVF patients to improve their chance of success has been shown in a large randomized trial to be of no value. 'Endometrial scratch,' a technique whereby a small scratch or tissue biopsy is made to the lining of the uterus prior to IVF, was associated with no improvements in pregnancy or live birth rates, and should, say an international team of investigators, be abandoned as a procedure by fertility clinics.


Thank you so much 😊,it’s Very useful,but now we still want to try it ,we are so hoping successful that don’t want give up any Possibility opportunity😂😂😂!


Go for it. You want to give it your best. Good luck xx


I’ve had both. I didn’t have endometrial scratch until I’d had 2 failed rounds.

I’d go for the embryoscope if I was you. We got a usb with a film of our dividing embryos. It gives a lot of information and your precious embryos can be left alone. If all is successful, you’ll also have a great family photo for the album 😆



I did the scratch on 2nd cycle and result was BFN.

3rd cycle no scratch better embryo quality and result is BFP. 9 weeks at the moment.

Never did the time lapse embryoscope in any of the cycles


I haven’t used either before but this cycle we have been offered embryoscope as part of nhs trial. We’ve signed up to it but there are always control samples on trial so might get it might not. I think we only find out at transfer c


Hi chick,

Just had my 1 and only go at ivf so I thought I needed to throw everything at it. Had the scratch. 10 days of stims then 12 eggs collected, 11 fertilised used the embryoscope then 5 made it to blast. 1 transferred and 4 frozen and I'm currently waiting for my first ultrasound scan. I don't know if it would have worked anyway but i would hate for anyone to have regrets for the sake of a few 100 pounds xx

Good luck


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