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Embryoscope-Time lapse


Hi all, I hope you are all okay and possibly getting more positive news than me today 😊. Of the 9 eggs collected yesterday , 6 were immature with 3 getting fertilised and only 2 acting as was expected . They are obviously monitoring the two and hopefully we will have a transfer on Monday at blasto stage. My question is , has anyone else paid for the embryo scope and at what point do you get the imaging? I would have thought we would be getting some form of updates through the process for the cost? I’m also wondering about the immature eggs especially seeing as I was never diagnosed with any problems and it was my husbands sperm that was too low and with chromosomal abnormality coupled with a childhood testicular torsion that was led us to IVF . So is the immature eggs a sign that something is wrong with my ovaries or was the harvest just too soon?

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Hi Steph254

We didn’t get any photos etc from our 16 embryos, only 6 fertilised and have been frozen they did say that the embryo that is potentially successful they would send us the video and pictures.



Hi Steph I really hope your embryos stay strong and ready for transfer! I had embryoscope in Barcelona and I received a video daily. You could clearly see the embryos that stopped developing and were multi-nucleated. I’m not sure about immature eggs, maybe didn’t develop fully enough to be used. Good luck!! X

Hey Steph, we got a video of the embryos that were either good enough to freeze or transfers development. Our clinic assessed the time lapse at day 5 to help make the choice on the best embryo to transfer. Good luck 🤞for the remaining 2, it only takes 1 xx


We got a video on our fresh cycle but only an image on our FET. I think it is more a useful tool for the embryologist to assess the best ones for transfer and it is better for the embryo than being removed from the incubator every 24 hrs to be checked.

Hope that helps.


They told us that we would have the images at the end of our treatment ie; either once we’d had our baby or were all out of embryos. We never got them. But I haven’t chased it up either xx

We had 3 eggs and of those 2 were immature. I think it could be the protocol and the meds, although I’m not sure. We are waiting for our follow up appointment. What was your protocol?

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Hi Lowamh, I was on the short protocol so only about 9 days of stims to collection ... my follicle sizes were slightly spaced and about 2-3 appeared bigger than the rest ( i sometimes ovulate from both sides as was seen in my pre ivf scans) so maybe that affected it somehow I don’t know ...anyway ,hoping to hear about the remaining one ..hoping I get the call..

We only got videos for our 2 embryos which were successful and even then I had to specifically ask for them - they weren’t volunteered. Afraid I can’t help with the eggs question - something to ask at your next appointment maybe?

I had only three mature out of nine eggs on my first round and for my next two rounds they gave me a 37 hour trigger instead of a 36 hour. And I got much better maturity. Worth knowing if you have to have another round.

2/3 fertilising is normal.

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