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Egg collection booked for Wednesday


We had our last scan this morning and have been booked in for egg collection on Wednesday. We’ve got 6 good sized follicles and some others that might catch up. Lining is still not playing ball and is 5.3mm. I asked about extra oestrogen support to help the lining after collection but dr said that wouldn’t help. I’ve to take an extra fyremadel (like cetrotide) tonight, bemfola and trigger in the hope the extra meds might help my lining. The drs seem resigned to a freeze all cycle which I’d be perfectly happy about if I thought I’d have anything to freeze. We had nothing the first two cycles and didn’t make it to transfer last time so feeling slightly despondent about the whole thing. Here’s hoping my loser dose of bemfola does the trick on egg quality. I have been impressed so far as our numbers aren’t any worse than when we were in 375 menopur or 390 merional. 🤞🤞🤞

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Good luck. Third time lucky xx

in reply to Tugsgirl

Here’s hoping!


Hi Ash2016. Just wanted to wish you well for Wednesday. Don't forget to have a good rest afterwards and drink lots of water. I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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Thank Diane xxx

Best of luck xxx

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Thanks lovely x

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