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5th cycle...BFN....not sure of next step. ? Anyone have experience of egg donation success ?


We have just come for the end of our 5th cycle of IVF.bsadky despite easy transfer of 3 top quality day 3 embryos ...none stuck.

This was despite immune treatments, anticoagulant therapy, steroiss etc

I am approaching 43 ...and thinking that egg quality me be the issue but donation maybe the next option. Does anyone have any experience of this ?

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Hi Silvercloud88. So sorry to hear this after you have been through so much. Perhaps it is time to consider an egg donor. You would still get the opportunity, if all goes well, of carrying your baby and giving birth. I speak to many mums-to-be who have used an egg donor, and have gone on to have beautiful healthy babies. I'm sure some of the ladies here who have been through the same will be in touch. Meanwhile I do wish you well with whatever you do decide and of course for success. Diane

Thank you Dianne.... I agree I think it may be time to consider this option. I have a friend who had success via egg sharing programme a few years ago.

We are exploring options abroad, perhaps some of the group may have experiences to share which may give us hope. Thank you for your advice and support x

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Hi Silvercloud88. Well that's good to know that you have had a friend who has been successful. Fingers crossed some of the ladies will be in touch. Diane xx

I am currently going down that route. And so far have got further than any time before. In the UK the laws are different therefore it is said that it can take longer to find a donor (the baby has a right before a certain age to be told who the donor was therefore less people come forward to donate). Also, here in the UK we don't allow payment to the donor over and above travel expenses.

Abroad (even in europe) the donor has a right to anonymity. In fact you will be given very few pieces of information about her. They do pay the donor too, but it is not astronomical amounts. There are websites which help you choose where to go.

My local clinic in the UK said that the waiting list can be up to a year to find a match in the UK so we looked abroad. We chose based on location and reputation. Both very important. Reputation you can check and location in terms of ease of getting to - I.e. do airlines fly there and how close is the clinic to anywhere. We ended up choosing Barcelona as the clinic has a great reputation, it is a lovely city, we know people there and we know the transfer between airport and town is not bad. It is lovely to kind of treat the transfer as a lovely holiday too.

If you go abroad you will need to visit twice. Once for tests and sperm collection and then the second time for transfer.

They say you can land, transfer and go home on the same day but I would recommend (in aide of relaxation) to arrive a day or so beforehand in order to familiarise yourself with the journey to clinic from your accommodation. Also, I would recommend to fly home on day 3post transfer i.e. transfer on Monday, fly back home Wednesday at the earliest.

The statistics for success speak for themselves really. After being told at 38 that I have primary ovarian failure and 3 rounds without success in the UK - the last one being abandoned due to lack of follicle response - I just needed to have more certainty.

I have had two transfers so far. First bfn then second bfp which sadly ended in anembryonic pregnancy and managed miscarriage. However I am now gearing up for attempt 3 which I fully expect to be 100% successful (maybe 200% if we get twins). I am having some blood tests done first to understand if I should be taking baby aspirin to thin my blood slightly and then I will be back on that airplane.

Wishing you all the best and sorry for the long post. DM me if you would like a chat or have any questions.

A few of us are going through donor egg route at the moment xx

Hiya, sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult journey. We moved to donor eggs after our fourth unsuccessful cycle of ICSI. Sadly we had no luck with the first donor egg cycle. We have one more shot at it left. Seriously considering donor sperm now too as there are significant issues for both of us. I have found the Donor Conception Network to be a helpful source of information and support in the decision making process. It took us a long time to decide where to have the treatment as there are so many implications to consider. Wishing you the very best of luck ...I’m no expert but if there’s anything else I can help with, let me know xx

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