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Neupogen wash

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Hi ladies

I would like to find out if any one had a success with neupogen wash only ? I had one overseas with other interventions such as endometrium scratch and intralipid infusion

I got BFP but I had a miscarriage

I need to find out if there is a clinic in London can do A neupogen wash inside my uterus 5 days before my Frozen ambryo transfer

Any info I will appreciate

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My Consultant suggested a uterine wash and i guess you could say it partly worked as I had a chemical pregnancy but I wouldn’t do it again. I can inbox you details if you like! Central London based x

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May be that's what happened to me a chemical pregnancy , however it was my first BFP and am not sure if this going to happen again . I read it helps the implantation .

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There’s so many things out there that are ‘extras’ that cost a lot of money and not proven! My successful bfp’s have been with no intervention. We just need a healthy embryo in a nice receptive lining. Give it a try if you feel it’s best but I think you’ll be fine without it xxx

Hi LadyMM. I don't know lots about this product, but it is licensed in the UK now and is one of the immune therapy type treatments, which is supposed to help embryos to implant, by making the endometrium more receptive. I'm sure your specialist will be able to fill you in more. Good luck with whatever you decide, and of course - success. Diane

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