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Supplements - Another Query!


Hi all!

Hope everyone is well

I am just curious if anyone took the following and if so, when did you stop? Did you take it up until egg collection or carry on until test day?

If successful did you then stop once you had that BFP or did you carry anything on?


Bee Pollen

Bee Propolis

B Complex

Royal Jelly

I do take some others *folic acid and the like* but I obviously know the answer for these just wanted others opinions on the rest if possible

Thanks for any input anyone has :)

Editing to say - I believe a few of these that are meant to help the eggies obviously would be best to stop at EC as surely they have done the job by then? Am I right in thinking this?

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I was on 500mg royal jelly once daily and stopped it after egg collection

Not sure on the others. Xx

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Thank you for your reply - That's good to know your thoughts on that one at least :) x


Hi JB1988. I can't see that the bee things and royal jelly could do you any harm, but if you are unsure when to stop taking them, then ask your clinic, as they are used to patients taking supplements. Folic Acid and Vitamin D are a must, all through treatment and through to 12 weeks of pregnancy too. Hope all goes well with your treatment cycle. Diane

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Thanks Diane, always so helpful :) I will double check on the ones I am unsure but yes, the folic acid etc are fine I'm clued up on them (i think haha!)

Thank you for your kind words - 3rd time lucky i hope!


I was taking the Bee Propolis & Royal Jelly ( in my case to help with inflammation due to my Endometriosis) & stopped at Egg collection. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Thanks for coming back to me. I am thinking egg collection stopping makes sense so think I will do this. Thank you x

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