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Reiki healing feel so much better


I dont know if anyone has had any experience with reiki before but i had it this afternoon and this is the second time ive had it i had it this time last yr, when i had it this afternoon within minutes of her hands on my face and head i broke down crying she asked if i wanted to continue she said i was experiencing a healing crisis thats why i was crying once she moved down to my arm the overwhelming emotion i had suddenly experienced had calmed by half way through i felt like a different person emotionally. I went for the reiki as i suffered a miscarriage three weeks ago and had been struggling so i thought i found it beneficial last time i had it so didnt think it could do any harm wasnt expecting to come out of there feeling so much better the way i did i would highly recommend it!

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I’m glad to hear it’s helping you xx

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage lovely. Brighter days to come I hope. Reiki can be so emotive in its ability to sense and draw out blocked or held emotions in the body can't it!

I think taking your time, allowing yourself these holistic treatments and being gentle with yourself can be really helpful at these times. Luck and love to you hun xx

Hiya, I had a similar experience with Reiki. So glad to hear you have found it beneficial too. Take good care of yourself xx

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