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Acupuncture IVF egg collection and transfer


We will soon be starting our final and fresh 3rd private cycle of IVF....

We have thrown everything we have at it acupuncture, pills, and u name it.

Just a question isn't safe to have acupuncture on egg collection day and transfer day? My acupuncturist said too come 3 days before collection, day of collection and day of transfer... Is this safe?

Good luck to all xx

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Hi Tamtam,

I am sure it's fine to have it on transfer day. My clinic offered me acupuncture on transfer day, but declined because I have never had it.

Wishing you all the luck in the world!

I am on my third private go. On my 2 wk wait and only 5 days to go..and counting :-)



Sounds ok to me and having it on the day of transfer and collection is common x I had mine on the day of too x


Hi Tamtam1. I had acupuncture in the run up to egg collection (day 6 & day 10 of my injections) but not on the day of egg collection. I had it before and after my transfer (same day, 2 appts). As it promotes blood flow I'm not sure you would need it on the day of egg collection prob more important to have it in the run up to collection so that it can increase the blood flow and in turn help the follicles to grow. Prob all it would do on the day of collection is relax you. I could be wrong but that's how I see it. Good luck with the cycle 💜 x x



I had acupuncture immediately before and after transfer as well as weekly sessions before. My acupuncturist said treatment before is to open the womb to accept the embryo and after to close it, I'm sure that's layman' language, lol.

Good luck, I start my third treatment later this month.



I read an article which said that having it on the day, before and after, improved your chances of success. But when I asked my acupuncturist she said the day would be stressful enough as it is without running back and forth with appointments, which would counteract the benefits of the treatment. She said better to have a day or two beforehand and then following transfer. X


Hello! I went for acupuncture and was advised similarly. I went the day before ET and also the day of transfer. I mentioned I was going to the fertility clinic just in general conversation and they said it won't do any harm plus we got a BFP so it must have been fine! My acupuncturist used heat in my tummy but stopped this as soon as I had EC so all I would say is to make sure they avoid that.

Good luck! x



I had my acupuncture a week before then a day before egg retrieval and the same day as egg transfer.. She said they were the best times. Supposed to have one next week too for implantation.. Just praying it helps.

Good luck


I hope no one minds me asking but is acupuncture being gad to help with egg production or female fertility issues or just to destress and relax before treatment? Im interested in trying myself but only if its not going to cause any problems, i just need it to help me keep positive and relax. Hope someone can help. Good luck to everyone on their next cycle xx


Hi Sam101, as long as you use a reputable acupuncturist then it is safe and won't do any harm. It can be used to try and help fertility and also for relaxation. I really enjoyed me sessions and often fell asleep I was so relaxed!

Good luck x


Thanks ladies I think as long as we get there am having it day before and day of transfer in addition to my weekly sessions.

Good luck to all

Of us starting waiting and finishing... Xxxx

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Thanks hopeful1982. I just didnt know whether to do it if i didnt need it to help with my egg production etc. I shall have to have a look for a local acupuncturist. Good luck x


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