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He’s here! *warning baby pic*


Hello everyone !

Well after a 4 day induction that didn’t work our little Wliiam arrived on 3rd July at 3.24 weighing 8lb by C Section.

I truly can’t believe it he is so perfect I never thought I’d be doing one of these posts but we just kept trying until we got what we wanted and it payed off.

We love our clinic in North Cyprus. To go abroad seems so scary to start with but it’s the best decision we ever made and will always be truly greatful to our clinic and north Cyprus now has a special place in our hearts.

Thank you to all on here over the long years I’ve been posting through struggles, moods, and just plain ranting!! This site is so helpful fir us special people that are some of the strongest determined women I know.

I truly hope each and every one of you get your babies just try to keep going and don’t give up xx

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Ahhh many many congratulations. So very happy for you guys.

Enjoy your little boy


Oh such wonderful news honey!! Congratulations xxx

Ooo he is soo cute many congratulations xxx


What a gorgeous little face! Congratulations. I hope you're feeling ok after your c-section xx


Awwww he's georgous huge congratulations x

Aw beautiful! Congratulations xx

Awwwwww, he's gorgeous. Huge congratulations hun. Determination surely does pay off. Enjoy your new life now.


Big congratulations its so nice to hear all these positive stories it definitely gives us women more courage to continue with our journeys xxx


Oh my goodness what a face he’s amazing!!!!! Gorgeous little star!! Congratulations xxx

What a gorgeous lil baba.... congratulations xx

Aww... he’s soo cute! Many congrats 💕 xx


Hi Blondyboo. Well done! What a handsome William he is too! Take lots of photos as he will alter so quickly. Be happy in your new family life. Diane xx

Congratulations to you! I’m so pleased for you I’m crying with happiness. I have been following you for years and I’m so glad as I think the cyprus clinic is brilliant. Hope I follow in your foot steps.

William is beautiful 💙 take care xxxx thanks for sharing


Wow and congratulations it’s been a journey here’s hoping we all get lucky after the pain.

Enjoy him and trand sure him x

Brilliant story. Brilliant outcome. Congratulations xx

He is adorable, congratulations. I’m off to north Cyprus next month and hoping to one day post a similar update with baby pic! 😘 x

Congratulations. Welcome to the world Williams, he's such a cutie.

He’s soooo cute...congrats to you! 💙

Beautiful picture he is so cute xx

Congratulations he’s beautiful xx


Look at him!!! 😍 Adorable!!! Xxx

He is supercute! Lots of love to all of you! Enjoy now a bright future!

How perfect 😍😍😍 couldn't be happier for you all. Huge congrats xxx


Love this update!! Gorgeous boy 💙💙

Omg he's gorgeous

Congratulations xx

Aww look what a gorgeous boy! Congratulations 💙 xx

Congratulations! He is beautiful! Thank you for sharing .. what a beautiful glimmer of hope for us all x

Big congrats hun x

Congratulations! He’s absolutely beautiful xx

He is beautiful ☺️Xx

His gorgeous

Congratulations my ICSI boy is now 4 months old, enjoy it goes so quick xx

Awww amazing, Im so chuffed for you both! What a gorgeous wee boy you have there! Enjoy being a mummy!xx

He is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations xxx

He gorgeous. Congratulations ☺️ xx


Just read your journey Blondyboo wow! You are so strong and amazing. Got there in the end and he is simply gorgeous! 😍Xx

Congratulations gorgeous boy!! 💙💙

Congratulations his beautiful,

I had my dream come true after 10 years of trying, my 2nd iCsi attempt worked & in March he come 7 weeks early his now 5 months old, xx

He’s perfect! Congratulations xx

So beautiful....congrats and thanks for posting it's such a blessing

Congrats!!! Your baby is sooo cute. How are things? Hope you are enjoying life with your miracle xxx

What a cutie 💕

Congratulations x

Congratulations, he’s a cutie xx

He is Gorgeous...He is just to cute. CONGRATULATIONS hun and thanks for sharing and giving us hope. It really is a wonderful experience. You must enjoy it.

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