☡Warning scan pic!☡...Am I dreaming?! 😍

☡Warning scan pic!☡...Am I dreaming?! 😍

Soooo after 5 long years ttc I finally, finally get to post about my 12wk scan 😍...

I am so pleased to report all is well with our bubba. In fact, we have ourselves a right wriggler!...arms and legs were flying all over the place so they struggled to get a clear pic. He/she is actually measuring a couple of days ahead so my due date has been brought forward by 2 days to the 8th March!...making me 13wks exactly which means goodbye 1st trimester (high five!)

As many have mentioned before, I just want to say a huge thank you to all you lovely ladies (and men) who have laughed and cried with me, and ultimately kept me sane over the last few months. You are the guys i could turn to when i had nowhere else to go. This truly is a special site, full of the most amazing compassionate folk I've ever "met".

I hope all of you complete your families, whether that be through ivf, doners or adoption very very soon!

I'm off to chill out for a couple of days before I think of something else to worry about.

Lots of love,

Oakey xxx

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  • aww this is lovely xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Aww congrats dear. I saw my baby today as well. My due date reduced by one day which means meeting my lovely baby a day earlier I suppose. I am also due in March. Enjoy your holiday- I had to return to work after scan lol- but I had plenty holidays during ivf so not complaining lol. xxxxx

  • Wow congrats you too!! Whens ur due date? It didn't really sink in at the time. I think I spent the afternoon in shock...but it's starting to sink on now 😁 xx

  • Congratulations Oakey. Lovely scan. Enjoy your time off xx

  • Thanks...fingers crossed the sun keeps shining xx

  • That's fantastic, so pleased for you and lovely to see your magical scan picture!xx

  • Thank you. We have another pic where bubba is waving and u can see their hand so clearly...amazing! Best of luck in ur next cycle xxx

  • Ahhh amazing, hope that's us one day!! Thanks for your well wishes!!xx

  • Lovely picture. Congratulations! Xx

  • Thank you!! And congratulations on ur 16wk scan. I've booked mine today for the 23rd sept...literally can't wait to find out the gender!! ❤

  • Ha ha I couldn't wait either! It's so nice being able to say she/her instead of it and it feels so much more real for some reason xx

  • I'm so with you on that...I say I've waited long enough, I'm not going to instigate a wait when I don't have to! xx

  • Exactly my thoughts! Xx

  • What a lovely picture 😊 xx

  • Thanks Vicky. Did you see I "borrowed" your warning triangle ☡ idea! How ru getting on? Congrats on ur scan the other day....I'm keeping everything crossed...this is ur time!! xxx

  • Yeah I saw 👀 😂

    I'm ok thank you. Just want to get next Tuesday out of the way. Shame I keep wishing my weekends away lol xx

  • What a beautiful pic Congratulations. I wish you the best of the world

  • Thank you so much...still feels like a dream xxx

  • It is a beautiful dream come true. That everything goes well with your future baby

  • Congratulations! Best of luck. xxx

  • Thanks Mrs C...You're such a lovely lady, I hope you get your family by hook or by crook someday soon xxx

  • Congratulations and well done on your little squirmer! Hope things continue to go perfectly xxx

  • Thank you!! How's ur 2nd trimester going? Any sign of the big energy burst yet?...I'm soooo ready for mine! xx

  • I only started to feel more human last week, so at 15 weeks. I wouldn't exactly say I have energy, but the bone-tiredness has gone :) Hope you start feeling better soon xx

  • I will count down the days til then...my morning sickness didnt kick in properly until 10wks so I'm kinds hoping it's short lived haha! xx

  • Ahh you are so lovely! Thank you for all your support. Love hearing all about your journey. Gives me hope x❤️x

  • Aw thanks, that's so sweet! Good luck with ur 2ww....make sure u keep us all posted how ur doing! xx

  • Lovely news 😊 always gives me hope seeing scan pictures that it will one day happen for me. All the best xx

  • Aw and I'm sure it will...thank you xxx

  • Congratulations, and how amazing that you're now out of the dreaded first trimester..... well done baby!!!! Xxx

  • Thank you Aleelilook...I've been walking round in a daze all day, smiling like the crazy I am! Really hope the next cycle is the one for you!! xxx

  • How very lovely. Congratulations and stay in touch on here, we'd all love to know how you get on. xx

  • Aw thank you...as much as I sometimes like to think I can walk away from this site, I know that'll never happen...I think I'm a bit addicted! xx

  • Lovely pic Hun, wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy xx

  • Thank you so much...I hope ur feeling better now? xxx

  • Thanks Hun. No still feel confused and wondering if I actually am, scans Monday if can't come soon enough lol xx

  • Well let us know how you get on...I know how stressful all the "unknown"is xx

  • Thank you I will, only 4 more sleeps lol


  • Fantastic news so glad little one is doing well and having a party in there. Congratulations xx

  • Ah thank you...how ru feeling after an eventful week? xxx

  • Am still in shock to be honest. Not all sunk in yet. Xxx

  • This whole journey is one crazy roller coaster! xx

  • Hi Oakey80 perfect looking little person. Well done, and here's to a trouble free pregnancy. Diane

  • Thanks Diane....I just cannot believe it's all real. Hoping it will sink in properly over the next few days...and definitely hoping I can stop worrying quite so much!

  • Hi. Here with my midwife hat on if needed. Take care. Diane

  • Much appreciated as unfortunately my midwife is completely snowed under with patients. I tried to book my 16wk appointment today and they couldn't fit me in week 16, 17, 18 and weren't taking bookings for later. Tbh my antenatal midwifes care has been awful so far 😓

  • Hi. So sorry to hear that. Every pregnancy is precious however conceived, but there is something even more precious about an IVF or similar conceived baby, leaving these mums to be even more anxious than usual. For this reason, it Is sad that some of you girls seem to get fewer appointments than they should, these days. It's not always the case, I know, and like any pregnancy, if any problems were to arise, rest assured, a closer eye would be kept on you. Keep well. Diane

  • Lovely pic, so happy for you ❤️

  • Thanks Button! Hope you're all good. How u feeling at the momen? xx

  • I am good thanks, started to relax a lot more now and am enjoying all the changes happening xx

  • That's fantastic news and lovely scan pic. Xxx

  • Thanks Katrina...and good luck with ur next cycle. You can totally do this! xxx

  • How exciting! What good reassuring news❤

  • Thank you so much...it certainly has reassured me after my scare 3wks ago! xxx

  • Oh, how lovely - congratulations and good luck for your 2nd & 3rd trimester! Xxx

  • Thank you! It's weird how the 1st trimester seems like its taken forever but equally it's flown by! xx

  • Just wonderful! Many congratulations. X

  • Cheers hun xxx

  • Great news hun & a great picture! Enjoy a few days chilling & take care xxxxx

  • Ah thank you. How ru getting on? xx

  • I'm good thanks 😊 xx

  • Massive congratulations and have a healthy pregnancy 💐❤️

  • Thank you...I just can't taken it in right now haha! xx

  • Amazing scan photo, so thrilled for you, absolutely perfect, I wish you a very healthy pregnancy, which I hope you can enjoy, take care xx

  • Thank you...I'm really hoping I can enjoy it a bit now. So far I've been too worried about everything xxx

  • Great news big congratulations xx

  • Thanks Katya...I literally can't wait for the day we hear you have a match!! What stage are you at now in the whole process? xxx

  • Thank you that's so kind. Our adoption paperwork all has to be in for December.

    our panel date is 25th January but we could get linked beforehand she said. I will keep you all posted xx

  • Wow January will come in no time! xxx

  • Brilliant news Oakley - high five for the second trimester! Lovely news. Enjoy your time away and long may your worry free time last xxx

  • Definite high five!! Also I had to see a consultant today as my midwife said I was high risk...consultant told me that was nonsense and put me back to normal risk!...double high five woo! xxx

  • Yay! Double high five !! Xx

  • Lovely!!! must be amazing to see them moving around like that!!! xxx

  • He/she was kicking up a storm in there as soon as they started scanning...it was like baby was a bit put out at being woken up lol! Can't be long now til ur scan?! xxx

  • Hehe so cute!!! Mines a week on Monday! Cant come soon enough! Feeling so anxious about it. xxx

  • Oh I hear ya...I cried buckets on the way to the scan his morning. And I'm no crier...I didn't even cry when I got my bfn in march. It just all seemed too much but you'll be fine, just like pretty much all of us xxx

  • Congrats lovely scan oxo

  • Congratulations. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

  • Very lovely ❤️ Congratulations Oakey xx

  • Aww how lovely! 2nd and 3rd trimester here you come! Xx

  • What a lovely pic and lovely message. ..wishing you so much love and luck for a happy healthy pregNancy xxxxx

  • Amazing. Congratulations .enjoy this part of the journey to being a mommy. Thank you for sharing. Xoxo

  • Congrats...wish you all the best in the coming period...

  • Ahh so precious! Absolutely inspiring lovely picture!!! I am right behind you!!! Love it!!

  • Congratulations and loads of baby dust your way, all the happiness in the world to you... xx

  • Wonderful picture! Congratulations xxx

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