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Found out I’ve got scarring inside both fallopain tubes but they haven’t told me why


I’m 21 I’ve already got a 3 year old son but not long after him started to get problems and they’ve only just found out that both my fallopain tubes are blocked inside but they look really healthy I just want to know if anyone had experience any thing like this and could give more info and if anyone got pregnant or just had to result in IVF . Because I just feel I have no support from doctors or understanding of what is really going on in my body :(

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Hi lovely.

Sorry to hear this I remember the shock I had when I found out I had this.

Can I ask how did you have your son was it straight forward natural or did you have complications and a c section or instruments used? Did you have any infection afterwards?


I had him natural and yeah think like 2-3 weeks afterwards I went to hospital and they said I had an infection from giving birth and to take these strong antibiotics and it will all be ok and I told the hospital that who done my surgery this and they now saying they have no record of this . Thanks for replying to me :) 💕

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What was the cause of yours if you don’t mind me asking

Theyre not very forth coming. I remember with me they told me it would cost grands to have another child. The pain I used to get at ovulation was the worst pain iv ever had in my life and that's saying something. I did my research and gathered that I had scarring either due to my endo or c section I think in your case it will be due to the infection. What I did was researched natural remedies and came across an enzyme called serrapeptase and I took them every day I'm hope that they would clear my tubes aswel as castor oil packs. Three months later I fell pregnant (we'd been trying for 2.5 years and nothing) long story short I miscarried another 2 times but my miscarriage consultant said I'd cleared my tubes as she's witnessed me implant three times my losses were nothing to do with the tubes being scarred but now I'm 24 weeks pregnant on Monday and I wouldn't have, been if I just listened to what drs said. Obviously I'm not a Dr and this is my experience I have a tendancy to research and treat myself where I can. Maybe do some research hun you may be pleasingly surprised

Wish you all the best my love.


Yeah that’s what they told me I come out of surgery they just said both tubes are scarred really bad and they couldn’t unblocked them and I asked what they cause was and they just replied with it just happens something and said my option was IVF which I can’t afford or cheaper option is egg sharing which makes the IVF cheaper but just left it as they didn’t give me no information or nothing so my heads just been spinning been trying to do some research my self but just can’t seem to write the right thing in so not getting my answer and beginning to feel quiet lost and Alone and feeling as the eggs sharing was my only option but thank u for the ideas and oh my gosh that’s brilliant congratulation :) that’s amazing news it’s nice to hear some one with the scarring same as me get a success , 💕

It's ridiculous. I do know exactly how your feeling I was all this over the place here's the first place I turned too. Everyone is very supportive it's a lovely network.

Take your time to get your head round it all hun and then start on the research. I'll keep in touch with you and you can pm me whenever you want lovely I'll try to help you if I can


Yeah tell me about you’d think doctors would be more helpful and supportive , yeah you seem very lovely and supportive so bet everyone else is , its quiet comforting to know there’s a network of people like this :) so do you think I could give ago what you tried ? Yeah I will do and thank you very much :) I appreciate it and thank you for responding to me and giving me advice :) 💕💕

Bless ya 💖

Of course you could try what iv tried hun there's no harm in it. Just can't guarantee it would work, but it did for me. Hopefully it will for you, I think aslong as there's no fluid in your tubes and just scarring think you've got a good chance lovely. Fingers crossed 😘😘💖💖

Far as I’m aware it’s only scarring but yeah think I will give it ago right now I’m up for trying anything .where can I get it from is it online or can I go shops for it 😘🤞🏻💖💖

Iv pmd you hun. Can't name things it's seen as advertising 😘💖

Oh ok yeah I’ve got it thanks hun , oh gosh really didn’t know that you can tell I’m new to this lol 💕😘



Hi leeanna96

I completely understand your frustration I have pcos and I was diagnosed when I was 26 and I was 20 when I was you failed IVF clinic and form then I was not told by any doctor in the UK ther was treatment I should be on it was only at the start of the year when I mad the decision to go to Greece for ivf and it was them that told me that having to periods for 15 year could give me some major health problems so I got no help form my GP so I asked them to refer me to a gynecologist and now I am on hormone tablets so that it helps when I start my Ivf treatment in Greece. You have to fite to get to see the right doctor your local GP is not a professional in that feeld so get them to send you to a gynecologist and you will find them better to help you. and if you are going to try ivf the doctors will not put you on the NHS for it you will need to pay as you already have a we boy but thay can unblock your tubes its just if your eggs and damaged or not. I hope some of the information helps best of luck xx

Yeah the gynaecologist done a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy on me this week and just come out to say to me that there really badly scarred and that he’d tried so hard to unblocked them but couldn’t do it and just told me I need to look into self funded ivf he couldn’t explain to me why the scarring had happend and couldn’t even give me no information if there was any other options to look at other than the ivf root. Just the pure frustration of being left 2 years and being made out there nothing wrong with u to be stuck with this little information and left by them and thank you for your information much appreciated xx

I was told that when thay did the Same test on me and if my tubes were blocked or damaged then so egg would be good enough to use as its the tubes that will damage the egg on the way down to the wom. But still don't have the reason behind it. If your looking in to ivf it's cheaper to go abroad its only 5k but in the UK its 10k+++. All the best

I know it’s ridiculous they can’t give you the reason behind it so your just trying to chase the right answer forever and oh okay yeah thank you 😊

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Yeah it is and yeah I’m very lucky and grateful that I him Because some people don’t even get the chance to have a first child . I just begin to feel like I’m not a women anymore because it sort of takes apart of you being one away if that makes sense . I had a lap done where they used like a fishing sort of wire to try and unblocked by tubes to come out and say to me sorry it didn’t work there badly scarred you only option is IVF and just left it at that with no information on what to do next apart from self fund ivf but I did have an infection after I had my little boy I was given antibiotics and told take them and every thing will b ok and then these problem occurred for me and 2 years on I find out I have scarring of both fallopain tubes but when I ask the surgeon why it’s happen he goes it just happens , I just really want to see if I should go back to doctors and ask for a second opion or not to see if there is anymore option other then just going down then rot of IVF and thank you :) and thanks for replying and giving me the information x

Hi there, I am a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease sufferer and want a baby so much. I was diagnosed with PID in Dec 2015 via a scan which showed fluid on my fallopian tube. Then I had antibiotics. Then after had multiple reinfections in excruciating pain. The doc did 2 laps the first one to diagnose and they found my insides were swollen and inflamed from infection. I then had another lap 8 weeks after where they tried to remove scar tissue which forms after infection. My tubes are damaged from the infections. I live with chronic pelvic pain and dysfunctional bleeding. The adhesions/scar tissue form from infection. Although you had antibiotics they did not tell you that you may develop scar tissue. Sometimes you don't get scar tissue if your lucky and they catch the infection early enough and the antibiotics work. In my case and yours it appears the same, they didn't. The more surgery you have also increases the chances of scar tissue reforming. Search for natural ways to help alleviate the scar tissue. Caster oil packs, different herbs, serrapeptase, wobenzym m, pineapple. Good luck on your journey. x

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Sorry to hear that I feel your pain ,yeah they defiantly didn’t catch it early which is fraustrasting for me and u , thank you for advice and reply and I got serrapeptase yesterday going to try them I got told by someone in Holland and Barrett to try vitiam c and zinc Together aswell apprently works for scarring too and how are you dealing with your situation hope it’s going well for you x

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