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Increased PMS since failed IVF



I hope you're all well.

I've noticed since our failed round in Feb/March my PMS symptoms seem a lot more magnified. I'm lucky to have fallen back into my usual cycle but from ovulation to my period my PMS symptoms feel horrendous. Water retention to the point I look four months pregnant, crappy mood, headaches etc. Can't help but think it has something to do with all the hormones going through my body this year. I think the water retention is the worst, could actually cry some days with how much my tummy sticks out, I get to look pregnant but not be pregnant :(

Any one else feel the same or am I being a big pms cry baby this week lol?


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Hi there,

I'm so relieved to read this post as I'm kind of in the same boat as you (though I haven't had my transfer yet). I had my EC a month ago, and also lucky to have ovulated on time last week, however since ovulation I've been extremely bloated, just like you I look pregnant without being pregnant. I'm guessing this is all normal when you think about the amount of hormones we pump into our bodies, we'll need time to recover from it. xx

I definitely have worse PMS since I started assisted conception. I can totally sympathise and you are not being a big cry baby at all!

I am not sure if I have or if I am just so much more sensitive about everything... Maybe that is it. This is such a process isn't it. Here's hoping it is worth it in the end xxx

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