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Has anyone had HSG test in London? If so, any recommendations? Info on the process?


Hi I'm considering having Hsg test to check if I have any blockages in my tubes. Considering to go to a private clinic to get this done as my referral still had not gone through. Instead of waiting I would rather go for this test. Any one have any advice on where to go? I don't know where to start.

Also I've been reading, am I not allowed to TTC before an appointment? And also do I have to have the test done at a certain time? I'm confused, and just need to check as I have just finished my period.


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I had mine done through NHS.

I cannot remember the time in my cycle that it was done. True that you cannot try to concieve before the test.

A friend of mine conceived after her test and swears it cleared everything out. The nurse told me they have instances where it helped others to conceive more easily.

I found it quite painful - but it lasted 10 seconds literally so wasn't bad. They advise to take some painkillers beforehand.

Be aware though that in some cases it can be inconclusive which happened to us for one of my tubes. We then had to have a hycosy to confirm one of the tubes were open.

All in all it was a relief as both tubes were open so we could proceed with our fertility treatment.

Best of Luck!


greengreen in reply to Hidden

Thank you!

Ok I will do some further research as to where I can get this done privately. I would prefer recommendations for private clinics before I book one as it makes me nervous to go without knowing.

That's good to know so I will not try to conceive before an apountment.

I've checked o Homertons website and they do not carry out private treatment so I will look for another clinic in the mean time before my referral.

Thank you

Wishing you all the best with your journey also x

Hidden in reply to greengreen

Yes good Luck!

Others will be able to recommend some private ones I think - sorry I can't help with recommendations.

😘 xxx

I just had mine last Friday through the nhs so i can’t recommend anywhere private either. They do it between day 6-12 of your cycle I think. Just call them to book on the first day of your period.

They say not to have sex from when you book your appointment to the day of your test, you also take a pregnancy test on the day of the hsg to make extra sure you’re not pregnant. The test involves an X-ray of your uterus and Fallopian tubes and injecting a dye to go through them so that’s why they make sure you aren’t pregnant!

I took 800mg of ibuprofen 1 hour before my test and it was uncomfortable but not too painful- just like really bad period cramp. Like someone says earlier the discomfort only last a few seconds.

If you do decide to go for it try not to read too many forums etc as the worrying before is often worse than the actual test :) feel free to message me ask for advice too. Xx


Thank you for sharing that's really helpful to know. I've managed to find a private clinic and I have an apointment today. So will be seeing what my options are and of they can carry out HSG as that will hopefully give a little more clarification.

Wishing you all the best on your journey!


I had mine done on the NHS. One of my tubes has shown not patent so they referred me for laparoscopy which shown that both of my tubes are patent. The doctor explained that it must have gone into spasm during HSG. I read a bit more about it and learnt that some clinics give patients an anti-spasmodic suppository to prevent this from happening.

Your period needs to finish completely and the test needs to be done before ovulation. Good luck x

greengreen in reply to Kari55

I see!

That's helpful to know. Thank you for sharing. I have got my first consulation appointment today and will ask if they can carry out HSG.

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