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Hidden C Test - Anyone had it done? And if so is it worth it?


Hi Ladies,

I’ve been quiet on here the last few months, and recently did my second go at DE which resulted in a clear BFN. I had high hopes for this go as my first sadly ended in a MMC but the furthest I had got in a long time.

I’ve been doing some research tonight about a clinic in Greece that does the Hidden C test and wondered if any ladies on here had had it done. It’s basically a different form of clymidia testing, but women who test negative here can quite often be positive on this Greek one. They have to have a sample from time of the month, as they check if it’s in the womb as opposed to just the cervix which is the swab they do here in the UK. If positive then it’s a course of antibiotics but have read so much about it being linked to recurrent miscarriage and tubal issues (I’ve had both removed due to damage) and lots of ladies being successful the months following the tablets who have all suffered with recurrent miscarriage. Think tablets are provided for the other halves too, and costs seem to be around the £200-£300 Mark and literally just a sample sent in the post, so in the scheme of things not a lot. If anyone has any knowledge or has had this test done then would be great to hear your thoughts x

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Hello baby 20 16. I had this done after 3 mmc following icsi. I went for their full package to test everything as in the great scheme of things the money was a drop in the ocean. Was really easy to do and my doctor even recommended it. As you say it did pull something up and also put my mind at rest that most tests came back negative. As you say both me and DH were put on a course over about 2 weeks, with some days off. Personally I think it was worth it as you just don't know what will make the difference. X

baby2016 in reply to Lamb82

Thank you Lamb82 for your reply. This turned into my bedtime reading last night 🙄 I know a lot of places are sceptical about it in this country but then we’re not as advanced as other countries in immune testing so from looking at what I’ve read from other ladies who have done it I’m going to give it a go and do the ones you’ve had. If you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay include any medication that you had after? Just got to wait another month now as just finishing AF! More waiting!! keep us updated on your progress, would be amazing to see if this was your magic cure! Good luck xx

Lamb82 in reply to baby2016

I was very fortunate that I have a very open thinking gp who encouraged me to do it as she had seen great results from other patients. When I got my medication recommendations from Greece I just took the print out to gp who prescribed them for me, so was only £8 for me! Best of luck and hopefully the month will fly by for you. Xx

baby2016 in reply to Lamb82

Sounds like an amazing gp you have there! Thanks for your advice xx

I got tested for this when I was in Greece. However mine was done at the point of my hysteroscopy so a little different to yours. My results all came back clear thankfully. Im sure Blondyboo had this done but again at the same time as hysteroscopy and they found the hidden C thing with her. Ive seen a few ladies on another site had this done, you can check out fertility friends site for more info. As you say its only coming in a couple of hundred quid and Im sure the antibiotics wont be that much.xx

baby2016 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks Cinders, Fertility friends was my bedtime reading on it! Lol! Decided I’ll have it done and see what the outcome is! Just got a feeling it will be positive 😬 in some ways maybe I want it to be as then least I can maybe put down my bad luck to maybe that! Time will tell.

Sending you lots of luck for your upcoming cycle, sounds like you’ve had to be sooo patient but glad everything is now all ready to go! Xx

Cinderella5 in reply to baby2016

Ha ha ha you're well researched then!! Yeah I know what you mean, I was kind of hoping they'd find something with me. At least you know that all bases are covered if you have it done!

Thank you, fingers crossed my patience in sorting everything has paid off!!xx

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