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Any info on blood test results?

Had my day 1 to 4 tests the other week along with checking liver function etc and phoned up today for results and everything came back normal bar serum c reactors protein and for progesterone. No idea what it means, just got told to book non urgent appointment. Oh why can't they just tell you on the phone rather than making you wait. Have no idea whether they are high or low! I've been on Google and I'm either a prime candidate for heart disease or cancer!! Bloody Google!

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Hi squancy. Oh dear! It’s a nightmare when you don’t get proper answers to test results. Basically as I know it, your progesterone if tested early in your cycle should read low around 0.5-4 nmol/l. If it had been checked to see whether you have ovulated, it would have been taken on Day 21-Day22 and should read 30 nmol/l or more. Yes, a raised Serum C Reactor can be indicative of high cholesterol levels, but can also mean that you may have a bit of infection present. Without knowing the results and the reason for taking your bloods early, I can’t tell you much more I’m afraid. Usually early bloods are often used to give you FSH readings to check your fertility – this should be between 2-10 mlU/ml. If you want to send me a private message once you know the “proper” results, I can discuss it with you further. Good luck! Diane


Thanks for your reply. I was supposed to be having day one to four tests done, but my doc also ordered extra tests for my thyroid and liver function as I was a bit concerned about my gall bladder and have had a couple of times such horrific heartburn that I've needed morphine! Think my nurse doing the tests got a bit over whelmed with all the vials she had to fill and my veins weren't playing ball. I have booked for a day 21 test for Tuesday morning which should give a better reading because as far as I am aware I am ovulating now. I have booked an appointment with a doctor tomorrow evening and I will get the results either printed off or I'll write them all down! It's a bit difficult when the receptionist just reads them out to you.


Hi squancy. Well done on getting a further blood test blood to check your ovulation. If you would like me go through the results when you get them, feel free to ask. If you prefer you can email them to me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com Diane


Hi Diane, saw a doctor briefly yesterday evening and she said my fsh level was 7 and lh was 4.2. I have no idea if that's good or bad for a knocking on the door of 38 woman! All my other tests she said were normal too and it was my serum gamma gt that was elevated, which could be down to a virus or something, and to repeat in six weeks

I am now devastated from getting this far, from all the illness and operations and my so called fiance finally admits he doesn't want a baby. He's been leading me up the garden path for four years. My whole life has fallen apart. It's my first fertility appointed in a few weeks. I can't focus on my job, feel like I can't breathe. I have no idea where I turn now.


Hi squancy. Sorry for the delay in replying, just been soooo busy! First of all your FSH and LH levels are very good, so no worries there, and hopefully the virus thing it looks like you may have will have hopefully burnt itself out by the time you have your repeat bloods taken. Regarding your fiancé, maybe you need to speak to your GP and see whether he/she can arrange some counselling preferably for both of you, but at least for yourself. Perhaps he has felt unsettled watching you go through illness and the operations you mentioned. Some men are just unable to cope, but with the right support, hopefully you will get back on an even keel again. Unfortunately, I can’t really comment on his behaviour, as I just deal with infertility. If you don’t want to see a counsellor, perhaps there is a support group you could attend in your area, where you could meet others and also learn how to cope with the situation your faced with at the moment. Still go to the appointment you have booked, and just let’s hope that your fiancé has settled back down to the idea of having a family again by then. I do wish you well with all of this. Diane

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