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Heart shaped uterus?

Has anyone had a procedure to straighten the top of their uterus? My DE clinic is insisting we do this and obviously I want to, if it will help but wondering if anyone else has had success after having the procedure? Thanks in advance for any info or advice you can give. Took a good few months off from fertility focussing but back now and on my way to first DE

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I don’t have any knowledge on this but wanted to wish you all the best. Hopefully some of the ladies will be able to give better advice 👍 xoxo


Hi emma2739. It's always a scary thought having to have anything done to your womb. However, I would trust your specialist if he/she thinks it will give you a better chance of success. I have had quite a few ladies over the years, some with horrendously shaped wombs, who have gone on to have successful pregnancies and births. not all of them, but many have. I wish you well with whatever you decide. I shall be thinking of you. Diane


My friend had this done after a miscarriage and a stillbirth caused by her heart shaped uterus. She went on to have two healthy boys. She wasn’t suffering with infertility as such, but it was totally worthwhile for her.


Thank you so much for replying with this Lizzie I was hoping there was someone out there who has benefitted from this op. To be honest at this stage who knows what is what but it is so good to have something positive to hold on to. Thanks Diane too, really appreciate your encouragement



Hi I had the operation last August. And another op recently to check it was all ok and done correctly as I had two miscarriages in between. It was fine and I’m going to cyprus next week for my nex cycle.

The op last year was straight forward and I believe I lost my girl at 23 weeks due to having this heart shaped uterus sobgkad I had it done.

Any questions please feel free to ask me xxx


I’m so so sorry to hear that Missy that must have been so awful. Thank you for sharing your experience with op. Sending you lots of luck for Cyprus xxx


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