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Anyone know anything about heart shaped uterus?

During my embryo transfer today my consultant mentioned that I have a heart shaped uterus. I didn't think much of it at the time and just googled it out of interest.

I am now overcome with anxiety and stress and absolutely gutted by what I found - which is that it is a congenital abnormality of the uterus which makes it extremely hard to carry a baby to term and massively increases the chances of abnormality and still birth.

Why would this have not been mentioned to me before, or considered before they gave me IVF? My consultant did my lap so he knows my insides.. I am so so stressed right now I just want to cry

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First of all stop stressing because regardless of what you've read stress is definitely not good for you during this time. Second of all if you googled a pimple you would read somewhere that it was incurable cancer and 3rd if your consultant thought it necessary to tell you before the ivf they would of, ivf is not cheap or an easy thing to go through so they wouldn't do it if there was no chance of it working. Just try to relax and if it will help ring your clinic and speak to someone. Hope this helps please don't worry xx


Hi I know you're right. My husband is going to call the clinic today. I just have to assume that they know a lot more than Dr Google and would have told us if it was a major problem.

I feel so annoyed at myself as I have been really stress-free and calm during this whole process then last night, the night of my transfer, I cried for hours. I think to be honest though perhaps I had done the 'no stress' thing a little too well and this just made all the suppressed tension come out: I have to see that as a good thing, its out of me now and not in my body :)

And take a deep breath...


Dr Google is an evil fiend! Hope your clinic puts your mind at rest :) x


concentrate on your results after your 2ww to be positive xxx


I have problems with the shape and size of my womb which means I won't conceive very well, nor will I carry full term. The way I see it is that 1) I get to see my baby early and 2) its my baby, so it will fight as hard as it can to stay healthy. I will go through miscarriage and probably still births but I feel that will be more likely if I'm stressing about it. I know its easier said than done but try to stay as calm as possible, you're no good to yourself or baby whilst you're upset. I agree that last night was good for you but if you're like that all the time then it isn't going to be the best environment. I am forever crying and anxious and upset about stuff which is probably why nothing is happening so try your hardest to be calm, listen to your favourite music, watch a funny film, go out with friends and keep yourself occupied. A happy mum is a happy baby, I know its extremely difficult but it can be done.

I hope it goes well for you, let us know how it goes :)

If you need to talk to anyone, just a shoulder to cry on, dont hesitate to pm me, I'm on here all the time, I'm pretty sure all the other girls will say the same.

Leya xxx


My mother had a heart-shaped uterus. She has had two very healthy babies from two pregnancies & she concieved easily. The only issue was that when my sister got to close to full term she couldn't sit for very long on one side of my mothers uterus, so she would move & then get uncomfortable & move back to the other side! There wasn't the same problem with me as I was a smaller baby.

Don't panic, find out what you can / want from the professionals & then relax. I know that's hard anyway at this point in your treatment, but try to put your energy into something positive now. Take care.


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