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No fertilisation no ideas what's next

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I had my egg collection on Monday. They got 2 eggs but neither fertilised. It was the embryologist that called so said we'd need call back to book a consultation to find out what happens next.

Problem being that nobody answers the phone or returns messages- my husband has been trying through the day.

Obviously we want to find out what went wrong and if it has provided information to make the next cycle more successful, how long before we can try again etc but right now I just want to know what is going to happen to my body next. Am I going to have a normal period? The EC was painful-still not feeling right tbh, will a period be super painful too? How long until a period starts?

Can anyone help?

We're trying to be positive but feeling quite lost.

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My first round I had 5 eggs collected all poor quality. Only 1 fertilised but the next day it disintegrated. At my appointment 2 weeks later i was advised that i had poor egg quality due to my age and that's why it failed. The dr put me on DHEA for my next cycle which was a gel i had to rub into my arms each night for 5 weeks before egg collection. It helped improve the quality of my eggs and i was put on an even higher dose of stims for my next cycle. I also didnt down reg for my next cycle as dr wanted me to have a more natural cycle. Your consultant will tell you more. Did the embryologist mention to you about your egg quality? They told me over the phone the day after that they were all poor quality Xx

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Thanks for responding.

They didn’t mention egg quality. One had fertilised abnormally and the other did nothing.

Going to keep trying to get through to the clinic. So frustrating not knowing anything.

Hope everything is going well for you xx

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that neither egg fertilised!

I’m not in the same boat but didn’t want to read and run! We made it to ET but got a BFN. AF came a few days after and was definitely heavier than normal due to all the drugs - I’m guessing it will probably be the same for you when it comes.

Hopefully the clinic gets back to you soon and you get some answers and a course of action in place.

I know it can be hard, but try to stay positive. Sending you lots of love x

Thank you Caza

I just feel a bit left in the dark and googling hasn’t helped at all.

Hope things are going well for you xx

I forgot to mention that they normally advise you to wait about 3 menstrual cycles before trying another round as it can be quite tough on your body xx

Did you have IVF or ICSI?

My first IVF cycle, we had failed fertility - nothing fertilised due to the quality of my eggs. I was gutted. They presumed it was due to egg quality as I have a low AMH.

Second round we had ICSI instead and all 3 eggs fertilised. I did take DHEA and a few other supplements for just over a month in the hope that it would help. 1 embryo gave me a BFP although my daughter was born prematurely.

The point is though, there is still hope.

My period came maybe just a few days later than it would have normally and things were a bit achey but generally ok. I had one period after that bleed and then started on my ICSI cycle. X

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Hi Maria

Thanks for responding.

We signed consent for rescue ICSI but wasn’t informed if it happened. We’ve have had no feedback other than that there was no fertilisation and we need to call for a follow up appointment.

Was the DHEA prescribed by your clinic?

Congratulations on your daughter! X

Thank you very much! We only had her with us for just over 24 hours before she passed away but we had her :-)

That must be driving you insane then, not knowing whether it was IVF fail or whether they went for the ICSI and that failed.

If I were you and they weren’t responding to my calls I’d probably pop in to see the receptionist and explain my worries!

I got the DHEA from a website - it was American. Not prescribed or recommended by my clinic but I read about it in a book and thought I’d give it a go!


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Oh Maria, I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like you are being very brave.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll look into the DHEA.

We are with a clinic that is quite far away (Wales) as Oxford was just way beyond what we could afford even before they start adding on extras.

Good luck to you xxx

Sorry two hear about your failed cycle. I had failed fertilisation on 3 mature eggs with ISCI (5 collected). Not sure if it's due to egg quality (Although AMH was 19) or sperm issue. My consultants only advise was to up stim dose on next cycle. He advised having two normal cycles before next attempt. My period came early at day 24 and was quite painful.

Which such low numbers don't know if there is something really wrong or just bad luck. We are having a couple of extra tests elsewhere to guide us on what to do next.


I’ve had 2 ICSI cycles with no fertilization, the first I had 2 eggs, the second there were 5 eggs. The second EC was just last fri so no period yet, but I think it came 2 weeks after the first time and it was quite norma, not too painful. It’s so hard for it to be over at this stage with no explanation. I have to wait another 3 weeks before my follow up appointment, and apparently that’s an early appointment.

I hope you get some answers soon x

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