1st IVF-No eggs, what's next???

I am 31 and I went through my first IVF after 2-3 years of trying to have a baby. They couldn't find a problem before so when they went to collect my eggs and found none, I was (and still am) very upset! The doctors were very lovely and said as I'm so young it doesn't mean it won't work next time...but now I have to wait over a month before my review with the doctor to see what's next. Is there something different they can do next time??? What can I do in the mean time??? What are my chances of it working next time???

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  • did they say why you didn't have any eggs? What was your AMH result?

  • Blood tests before we're all fine, they said from them I was producing eggs. They said I'd taken my medication right but this time there was no eggs. My scans were all good before, I'm pretty confused by it all.

  • Hello I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I know it can be frustrating to have our treatment not go to plan. But they can increase your drug that makes the eggs to see if that helps. So don't give up hun. Not sure about what you can do apart from try and relax. It can take a while to fine tune what treatment works for you. Dos for me. So don't worry yet. Take some to time to get over this. Any other questions please ask. Lots and lots of love. Xxx

  • Thank you...much appreciated!

  • Hi Casbah, this must be really frustrating and upsetting after you were all set to go.

    I don't know why it didn't work this time but, as your tests have not shown any issues, I still think you have every chance of success. Like Piglet says, they will probably just change your medication for your next go.

    Take care of yourself and try your best to relax.

    Best wishes x

  • Thank you!

  • Hi, this sounds very similar to my second round. I'm 34 and on my first round they collected 5 eggs but Christmas gone on my second round no response from the right and 1 egg on the left on the highest dose of drugs. I cried for days as my Ivf was called off and iui was put in it's place, which we knew wouldn't work. I think if I'd been older maybe it wouldn't of been a complete shock ( it had never occurred to me that this could even happen I was told my eggs were great and we had age on our side!) so like you I was devastated no problems, youngish, highest dose of meds and we didn't make collection but apparently this can happen to anyone. It feels so very unfair and I feel for you. Today's our review date (over a month later but time has gone quicker than I thought!) to find out what has happened and why it never worked. Hoping there will be options or light at the end of the tunnel. I can't say why it never worked for you but I can say yr not alone and the tears do stop. look after yrself and get yr questions written down for your review so you go in prepared. ivf is a difficult time no matter what yr age or circumstances but I've read on this forum it can happen and no matter how bad things get we shouldn't give up hope xx

  • Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely write down my questions before, good advice. I hope your review goes well. Take care.

  • Hi, this doesn't seem to make sense; I guess you're pretty confused too!! Was your lining good? Did the scans show follicle growth? Do they mean (a) empty follicles or (b) immature eggs? If (a) you wouldn't really have got a good lining, and if (b) they may have triggered you early. They should also do blood tests during your cycle to see what's going on. What drugs were you on? Maybe they didn't suit you; there are LOTS on the market (eg synthetic drugs don't suit me, just naturally derived). I could go on but this is enough at the mo I think!!

  • Hi Casbah. Oh this is devastating when this happens. However, all I can add to what the others are saying is that whenever a cycle of treatment does not go to plan, your clinic will have learnt lots about how your body is reacting to the drugs etc., so they will be able to “fine-tune” your treatment to suit you better. Good luck! Diane

  • I have all normal bloods and follicle count. Unfortunately I am a non responder to drugs. All of them. At 450 Gonal F, I got 1 egg. As luck would have it, I did do IVF anyway and it worked! (That was go 6, after a few had been Changed to IUI) the last round I did over the summer I was on 600 units of gonal F. I managed to have 3 eggs. Sadly ended in early miscarriage. Stay strong, and listen to your clinic. They may have some ideas for you. it isn't easy when there's no reason for it to not work. Been there, 7 times! Soon to be 8...

  • Thank you for your reply...I will definitely listen to my clinic and try again! I hope your 8th time is a lucky one!

  • Hi well I had my review! My doctor who is has a fantastic reputation was very kind and informative . He explained my egg count results (similar to AMH) were at 13 and they prefer them under 10 so it appears I am fighting against nature. I was pretty upset as I was 34 during my last treatment.I don't smoke or drink, I go to the gym, eat organic, reduced my work hrs to reduce stress last year but that won't make a difference, nature is nature. He said some people are classed as low or non responders to the drugs like filmgirl I am also in this club, our ovaries have to work harder as they are resistant. Each month we naturally fluterate so hitting the best month can be tricky. He said if we get eggs next time icsi is the only way to go as it's the best way to fertilisation with so few collected.

    I trust his decision he's very experienced and knows his field well I asked him about trials, research, other meds, private options not on nhs but for myself there is nothing else out at this moment that will reverse this. Not that you will be the same as i am, but here are some of the questions I asked. It may help :) ask yr AMH results, if any other drugs would produce better results, if you could move to icsi rather than Ivf even though it is generally used for male problems it will give u a better chance if they can get even 1 or 2 eggs next time.

    Hope it goes better next time for you and take care. Lots of you time xx

  • Thank you so much for letting me know your results of your review! I know it may not be the same but I feel better now I'm going in with some idea of what it could be. At least you now know what the problem is so you and the doctors at aim towards solving it. Best of luck with it and thanks again for taking the time to message me! X

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