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No fertilisation

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Unfortunately, my one egg failed to fertilise over night. It was difficult to hear those words this morning and we are coping with it in our own way. We are taking tomorrow off to take stock and evaluate. This was our only NHS cycle.

It also appears there was a mix up in the lab. They did IVF instead of ICSI. The lab people have tried to fob me off but have agreed to investigate and call me tomorrow. I’ve already emailed my consultant who has confirmed that they should have done ICSI. Has this happened to any one else? What happened?

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So sorry to hear that lovely. That's heartbreaking. It would be worth making an argument for a second cycle. If you had been assessed as needing icsi then you weren't given a fair crack if they did ivf by mistake. Hope you get some answers xxx

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jengi in reply to Ash2016

Thanks Ash, will wait to see what they say tomorrow. Nothing will change it now. C’est la vie! Xx

I’m really sorry lovely, I agree maybe you might get another attempt if they investigate and confirm that they didn’t take the correct action. I know how gutting it will feel, my first cycle we got 2 eggs and one did fertilise, but it arrested the next day, and I just hadn’t been prepared for it. Lots of love xx

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jengi in reply to Orla9298

Thank you lovely. I hope you got some good news this morning! Xx

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Orla9298 in reply to jengi

Not great news, only one fertilised so of course I’m worried, such a contrast after getting 3/3 and 6/6! So a horrible wait til Thursdays day 3 update now!

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jengi in reply to Orla9298

Fingers crossed for you. Wishing the next few days go quickly for you Xx

I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t let it rest with the lab though. I think they could offer you some financial compensation of some kind at the very least, maybe a discounted cycle xx

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jengi in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks. I’ll see what they say when they call today Xx

I’m so sorry Jengi, this journey is difficult enough without any cock ups. I would agree with the other girls, formal complaint is needed! Thinking of u xx

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jengi in reply to penny24

Thanks Penny. I see the consultant on Fri so will discuss with her. I’m a bit numb about it to be honest.

Oh I am so sorry to read this Jengi. Sending you big hugs. Hopefully if they made a mistake they will offer to do again for free. It is so frustrating though. I can hear your screaming here (even if it is in your head). Xxx

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Hugs definitely needed, thanks Xx

in reply to jengi

Perhaps once you have had some time to just be with each other you could look at dhea? It's not proven like most things in ivf but lots of people have anecdotally had some great successes with it - more eggs, better quality. That, along with all the other things you have been doing, might help? Wishing you all the best (and more hugs). Xx

So sorry to read this, thinking of you xx

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jengi in reply to Thegirl84

Thanks Xx

I am sorry to read this jengi. Must be upsetting and frustrating for you. This sounds like someone has possibly made a mistake and been negligent. They are likely to have a protocol or procedure when something like this happens. This is a serious mistake and they have a duty of care to investigate to find out how this happened and how to improve their practices so it never happens again. I hope that they are able to give you some answers and offer to do your cycle again for no charge xx

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jengi in reply to AnnieAnnie

I will definitely push for answers but don’t expect them to take responsibility Xx

So sorry to hear this. I really hope NHS lets you do another round. Definitely a terrible mistake!

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jengi in reply to Mifkipi

Another round would be amazing!

I'm so sorry jengi. I hope the clinic takes responsibility and appropriately compensates you. That's a terrible mistake to make so I think you have a good case. Wishing you lots of luck! Xx

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jengi in reply to

Thanks Jojo Xx

Sorry to hear this hunny, I hope they treat you fairly as this really isn’t on, sending much love x x

I’m so sorry to hear this my love but I would definitely take it further. Their mistake and they should offer you another round. Be strong and don’t take no for an answer xx

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jengi in reply to Gillyc1

I’ll do my best but still feeling a bit numb. I’m not even annoyed or angry.... yet! Xx

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Gillyc1 in reply to jengi

Can’t anyone do it for you. If this was my daughter I’d be all guns blazing. Ppl don’t upset the Gillytron lol xx

Sorry this happened I hope the clinic own up and offer another try for you x

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jengi in reply to Autumnmoon

I too hope they take responsibility but not optimistic about that though Xx

I didn't have quite the same situation as you but I'm sure my NHS clinic made a cock up of my first cycle with meds. They never admitted it but I got an extra cycle when I wasn't entitled to it. Really push for them to give you another go on the basis that it only takes one egg ans that could have been a pregnancy had they done ICSI (of coursenobody can say for sure but they cant say for sure it wouldnt be either) and if you haven't already tried it then taking DHEA would be worth a shot to see if you can improve your egg production/quality. Like I say they may not admit fault but at least of you get an extra shot then it makes up for it a little. Keep us posted!xx

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jengi in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks for sharing and your advice Xx

Sorry to hear this. You sound like my first round we only got 1 egg that didn’t fertilise. We went straight onto DE and after 3rd go at clinic in Cyprus I’m currently 35 weeks! Don’t give up! It’s worth complaining as well xx

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jengi in reply to Blondyboo

Thanks! There is still hope! How have you found Cyprus? And where did you get donor eggs from? Sorry I have so many questions! Xx

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Blondyboo in reply to jengi

We love our clinic there and would go back for a sibling. It’s much cheaper than the UK and you get a weeks holiday in the sun! It’s much more relaxing than treatment here. Not as scary as it sounds going abroad.

They have lots of Donors out there as they pay them for donating. Also there is no come back from donor you can not trace them once baby is born or later in life. X

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jengi in reply to Blondyboo

Do you mind if I private message you?

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Blondyboo in reply to jengi

No fire away! Happy to help if I can! The way I got over each fail I researched other options and started planning next move I needed to feel productive and positive for next move. Xx.

Also look at my profile with old posts that will give you a jist on what I’ve done xx

Dear Jengi

I am so sorry to read this. I am very near to this in my treatment cycle so it feels more raw. I just wanted to say you have every right to demand a second cycle. I am forever shocked at the poor quality treatment for infertility on the nhs but this is just heartbreaking. When and if you’re ready for a second cycle you should right to your MP and he hospital and demand a second cycle on the nhs. Try a remain strong. I’m so sorry

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jengi in reply to Rainbowhope

Bit numb at moment, taking today to chill! Strength will be back by tomorrow! Xx

Jengi, so sorry to hear. And sending you a big hug.

When I went through round one eggs were slow to fertilise, probably due to quality, and after 24 hours we thought it was all over. After 48 we had 2 fertilised so have faith! Anything could still happen.

From a practical perspective do review all the paperwork. This is a regulated industry, there are procedures so irrespective of what they say anything you can do to push this forward in a factual way may help your case.

Sending you all the strength to get through this!

Thanks! I already have and read it out over the phone to the lab person. They are investigating so expect to hear from her today Xx

I agree with comments above, must be very overwhelming, so lots of love and strength X

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jengi in reply to magda22

Thanks! Xx

Oh my dear, so sorry to hear that. You should defo ask for a second round if they messed up! Best of luck xx

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jengi in reply to Aefemera

Thanks Xx

Surely they have to give you another cycle for free?

So bad!


I’d argue for a free round. Obviously it’s not just the cost though it’s the emotional strain of the whole thing.

Sorry to hear this, take care of yourself 💕

So sorry to hear that, we have just had our egg collection today so find out tomorrow if any have fertilised. We are down for ICSI treatment too, hope you find out what went wrong and how they made this error.

OMG! I'm shocked this could happen with lab! You must be feeling robbed. The only NHS chance given and lost purely because their fault..This is not the case they will end up with some good excuses..I wonder what they're going to tell you after investigation. ivf and icsi ARE so much different things! Sending you hugs..Keep updated.

It is really a sad situation. It is no doubt heart breaking. For a parent like you who is thinking something great for the future, such events are a big shocking. If the confusion has happened then it should be taken very seriously. Sometimes these events happen due to the technical ignorance. I hope that the investigation reports prove the confusion of the lab staff. Wishing a lot of happiness in your future.

Hi this happened to me 2015 first time one cycle Nhs I was clueless and did nothing to investigate it after wards massively regret it! We were down as back up icsi so they should have done it and we should have also insisted I still remember embryologist saying all looks fine I had come out of ec so wasn’t with it! Next day when had call sorry no fertilisation and only two viable eggs from four no explanation and they consultation doctor said no reason we can’t say and also apparently it looked fine so no guarantee icsi would work but I guess they had to say that! I’m still thinking about whether I should try to complain now but doubt they will do much now! So I would say complain all the way!! I’m now paying private for theee cycles at a cost of about 15k good luck

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jengi in reply to siali81

Thanks, our stories are similar. It clearly states on my paper work that my husbands sperm analysis is normal and suitable for IVF but ICSI will be done as backup. My understanding was that ICSI would be done to increase the chance of fertilisation. Lab is saying it is a difference in interpretation of backup. I see consultant tomorrow so will see what she says. I will complain..... once I have the energy to write a letter!

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abcgirl in reply to jengi

I’d be curious what they mean as ‘backup’ as in in case the sperm aren’t too the day of? Or in case IVF doesn’t fertilise and they inject the sperm in? I’ve heard of rescue ICSI before but when I had zero fertilization of 8 eggs I asked about rescue Icsi and my clinic said they don’t do that and might not work anyway

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jengi in reply to abcgirl

This is exactly what I need to know. I emailed the consultant and asked her if I was right in understanding that ICSI was to be done and she confirmed that that was the case. However, the embryologist says that they have a protocol to follow and if the semen is suitable for IVF they do that first particularly if the egg would benefit from having more time to mature. At the end of the day they are the experts but they do need to communicate better. I'm a scientist myself and know too well the importance of communication. In this circumstance, I am unsure whether a mistake has genuinely been made or whether they are just poor communicators. I suspect I may never know! It'll be interesting tomorrow to hear what my consultant has to say Xx

Hi well we were back up because originally when hubby gave sperm something scored borderline or low so I would check what your partners results are and what that means the morphology and what not. Now on one cycle we should have said we want ICSI regardless. Now in private clinic I showed my consultant who coincidentally worked at the other clinic when we went for Nhs but didn’t actually treat us per say he looked at my hubbys sperm analysis just when he checked our previous files and hubby sperm day of ec back in 2015 He said they should have done icsi because even on the day something was low and was showing me look it says the percent was low (sorry can’t rememeber what it was) so I would totally get your head around what these things mean and challenge them outright about it and also say that we had only one chance and so you should have done ICSI.

hey there! I hope you are doing great. I think that you should consult your doctor in this matter. they know whats best for you. IVF is a great procedure. I have had myself after miscarrying. it was painful but it gave me a baby and I am really happy with it. I was hopeless and I thought that I will never be able to conceive. you should stay strong and hopeful everything will turn out just fine.

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