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NHS Waiting time or private?

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We are now waiting to find out if we are eligible for NHS IVF referral - if my husbands repeat test is the same, we will be. Should know in next 2 weeks.

How long on average have you found NHS waiting times to be? When we mentioned private as an option, Our consultant said to let him help us.

NHS would be great, I just need to prepare myself for these waits! Thanks everyone xx

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We first saw our GP last April, had our first fertility appointment in July and I'm currently sat in the waiting room for EC, so just over a year for us from first referral but it does vary depending on where you live. Good luck with your journey. X

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Good luck today!! Thanks very much for your response xx

We had a very good experience on the NHS, as soon as all of the tests were done we had the appointment to sign consents with a nurse and I was given a start date within two weeks.

We have gone Private this time (I'm 42 so not t eligible for any more NHS treatment) and to be honest there is no difference, the same consultants in the same clinics. Good luck.x

I think it depends on where you live etc. I was referred in Dec 2016 and started drugs in the following May so around 6 months for me. Good luck!xx

I forgot to say that we paid for out initial consultation as we didn't want to wait ages, that's when we were told that we could have one cycle on the NHS. I don't know whether that helped things along.

Depends where you are. Here in northants, once they sent the referral from nhs fertility clinic for Ivf, it was only about 6 weeks to our consultation with the Ivf clinic. After that, getting started just depends on your cycle dates really.

Think a lot depends on your area but were in Glasgow i went to my gp December 2015 then had my first appoiment at clinic in March where we were placed on the waiting list then had 1st appointment with nurse in Sep and it all went pretty quickly from there

Hi Robbie, it was very quick for us, middle of August we were referred and had our first appointment with the consultant 2 weeks later. It really depends on what clinic you choose, you should get a choice of 3, then you can go on the HFEA website and it will give you an idea of waiting times xxx

once all tests were back we started on my next period we are in somerset x

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