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Pregnancy after fibroid removal

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Looking for any stories where ladies have had fibroid removal surgery and gone on to have successful pregnancy’s. Having a down day today. I dreamt I was pregnant last night woke up and all the feelings resurfaced I’ve been doing so well lately to ! Thank you xx

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I had abdominal myomectomy they removed 14 fibroids of various sizes. I then did ivf with donor eggs currently pregnant

Hi! I had a fibroid removed in March and I am now 7 weeks pregnant after waiting one cycle and for the spotting to stop as it lasted around 2 weeks.

Through my journey I've been talking to my mum a lot. I found out that she had fibroids removed before getting pregnant with me and my twin sister naturally, 38 years ago (and she was 37 at the time)! So just wanted to let you know it's a really common operation and has been performed for years with successful pregnancies afterwards. Crossing all my fingers for you xx

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Hi ICSIBaby86. I always feel that you have fibroids, especially within the womb cavity, they are best got rid of to improve chances of implantation. As you will have read from the "others", success was achieved. I don't know if you have fibroids, but whatever you decide to do I wish you every success. Diane

ThNk you for the response every one ! Sorry I feel like I’m seeking constant reassurance but feeling panicky as the surgery will be any time this summer ! I’m hoping it will be enough to help us continue with ivf xxxxx

How big is your fibroid? They have found one in my womb at a recent scan but have said it's small so nothing to worry about, think it's 5mm but has got me thinking maybe it should be removed x

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ICSIBaby86 in reply to baby2016

Mine is 5x6cm it started off small but grew large with the ivf medication. I think it all depends on location. Mine is submucosal which is the worst type for fertility I believe as it has distorted my uterine cavity. It’s worth asking your gynae where it’s located though as ivf May make it grow xxx

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baby2016 in reply to ICSIBaby86

Thanks for the info. I'll follow up on this at my next appointment. I hope your op happens soon and it leads to your bfp. Slowly, slowly catch a monkey as they say! x

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