Period after chemical pregnancy

Hey all,

Weird question... or maybe one people have experienced/asked before.

My period started on Father's Day... nicely timed body; nicely timed!

But already today it's easing off. While I was in pain on Sunday it's just nothing I'd prepared myself for or like I feared. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or should I sit tight and remember that my periods will be all over the shop at the moment and it's maybe not over yet? x

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  • I can't offer any advice just hugs xx

  • Hi Hun,

    I had a mc last September and then my period came 10 weeks after that, but very heavy for a day then very light (which is strange for me as I'm usually always heavy). I had a second mc in March and I am only just coming on now, again 10/11 weeks after. Everyone is different but personally for me, my periods were a bit all over the place. X

  • Thank you. Perhaps I'm lucky. But it feels odd since before all ivf I was in a bad place with constant heavy bleeds xx

  • Hi love, that's quite quick but has it been 2 days of heavy bleeding? That might be it.xx

  • Just Sunday and a bit of Monday really. Odd x

  • Hiya, I didn't get that far, just a straight bfn for me but my next af was like that...really heavy day 1 and then hardly anything the 2nd/3rd day and that was it. Was more normal the next month though. I think it's all the drugs! xx

  • This has given me hope that something isn't wrong xx

  • Hi, I haven't been on here for a while and came on tonight to learn of your miscarriage, I'm so sorry for the pain you and your hubby must be going through 😘 sending positive thoughts your way and best wishes for the healing process xxx

  • Awww thank you xx

  • I've had a few chemicals and periods have arrived between 5-7wks xx

  • Mine arrived so soon and for so short a time. Very confusing x

  • You'll prob find your next one is much heavier. I've had a couple that were really light, followed by really heavy 😩 And then one that was heavy from the start. It all varies so much xx

  • Hey,

    With my miscarriage at 7 weeks I spotted for a few days before it got very heavy and very painful.

    With my chemical at 4 weeks I bled just like a normal period.

    With my chemical at 5 and a bit weeks I bled slightly heavier than my normal period for the first day or two then just spotting.

    With my 2 chemicals my periods took slightly longer to come the first month, went from a 29/30 day cycle to 35/36 then went back to normal after the first month.

    With my miscarriage at 7 weeks after that bleed it took about 6 or 7 weeks for my next period to come.


  • Thanks Amanda. Bit worried my body isn't doing the right thing. I guess we are all different x

  • My first period after my D and C was a week late because I ovulated a week late. It was very light, a normal 3 day with very little actual red blood (like I said, normal for me). However the period I just had lasted 5 days (it was on time) and was bright and very heavy, not at all normal for me! I would say sit tight and remember your body and hormones need time to settle xx

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