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Fibroid and pregnancy

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Hello.. does anyone have any wise advice or positive experience of a successful implantation and pregnancy? I have a fibroid which I can’t get removed ( risk of hysterectomy) and my chances of the frozen embryo implanting are 5% which is pretty grim. I’m going with it, doing acupuncture, look after myself and uterus. Would so love to be that 5%! Any fibroid advice or knowledge would be be amazing. Thank you 🙏

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Hey, I am not sure I have any advice but I just wanted to say I have LOADS of fibroids and have had various surgeries for them in the past (full myomectomy, two fibroid resections etc).

One thing I have found is that since I started IVF they have actually stopped growing, which I was surprised about as I expected with all the hormones they would thrive!

I have managed to get pregnant a number of times but sadly not seen a full term pregnancy yet, the one thing I would say is every time the embryo has implanted it has been far away from my fibroids and I have been told they wouldn't interfere with the pregnancy. Although I was warned it might be a bit tight for space in there as baby grew as fibroids could too so I could probably expect an early c-section.

I have seen various specialists about them and their general advice has been crack on, there are greater risks (my age, my blood issues etc) and fibroids shouldn't be my biggest worry. The only thing I do find is they sometimes make scans difficult as people can't see stuff they can just see the ruddy fibroids!

Good luck x

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Hels1975 in reply to Daisy1245

Hi daisy, Thanks for your reply. I completely understand where you’re coming from. My fibroid always makes an unwelcome appearance in my scans. I hope my fibroid behaves as your does with ivf drugs. I’m also cracking on with it. I can’t get it removed on the nhs and I don’t want my womb removed. I hope you have a successful pregnancy and your fibroid give you a break. I wish we could get rid of them with medication. Good luck and it’s reassuring to read about your experience. Thank you for sharing, Helen x

Hi Hels, Not my experience but a close friend had 4 massive satsuma sized fibroids. She had them removed by c-section and the doctors said they would grow back and she would really struggle to conceive. They did start to grow back but 8 months after the surgery she fell pregnant naturally. They continued growing while she was pregnant and everything was fine and she has a healthy boy now. I know with IVF they like your uterus to be clear before hand but it doesn't mean it won't work if it's not! Good luck xx

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Hels1975 in reply to Millbanks

Thanks for sharing this. My uterus is healthy apart from this fibroid so hopefully I’ll have the same luck as your friend. Are fibroids an absolute pain. Many thanks for replying, it was reassuring to hear. Helen x

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Millbanks in reply to Hels1975

Aww I'm glad to be able to help a tiny bit! Fingers crossed for you xxx

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