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Help needed re HCG trigger shot


Hi ladies,

Just wanted a bit of advice....

I’ve given myself my ovitrelle HCG trigger shot tonight and it looks like the needle didn’t prime!! I turned the dial up to 250 and administered the medication until it reached 0. However on pulling out I noticed that all the medication hadn’t injected. I tried to re-insert it but it wouldn’t work, then when I pulled it out and pressed the plunger the rest of the medication shot out.

Has anyone experienced this before? I’m worried now as due for egg collection on Monday xx

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Have you got an out of hours nurse on call you can ring? If anything they’ll put your mind at rest. x

Steadman80 in reply to emu2016

Hi emu, OMG thank you so so much for replying so quickly. I I have just managed to speak to someone who said it should be OK?! I’m panicking as it’s saturday night and that he’s fobbed me off! I’m sure he hasn’t but it’s hard not to worry though as you just want everything to go ok. Thanks again xx

emu2016 in reply to Steadman80

He won’t have. Don’t get me wrong, this forum is amazing. It’s helped me in great times of need. But sometimes some reassurance from your clinic, or the lovely DianeArnold below really helps! x


Hi Steph8080. Providing most went in you should be fine. Good luck! Diane xx

Ah, thank you Diane for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it xx

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