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Trigger shot

Hi there I'm new here. I had a two day transfer on 28th. My trigger shot was on night of 22nd. I've just flushed out the trigger by testing. Today was first day negative. I'm not supposed to test till Wednesday but I've convinced myself that I'm not pregnancy otherwise pregnancy would override trigger shot and still show pregnant. I'm on day 11 since egg retrieval and day 11 pAst I plantation. Any advice please I'm getting really down

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Hi Hope4, the 2WW is awful isn't it? I know some women get early BFPs but everything I've read says that HCG isn't strong enough to show on most tests until 14dpo (or egg retrieval in the case of us IVF ladies). If you had a 2 day transfer then it's still a bit early for yours to be showing up. I found whilst I was waiting that this website helped as I knew what was going on with my little embryo. It also helped me not to test early. If you had a 2 day transfer then you'll need to add a day onto the 3 day timeline.


Good luck!


It really is too early to test as Lynnr54 says your HCG levels would not be high enough yet, that's why we are supposed to test on day 16. You need to hang in there and keep positive. Good luck xx


Thank you guys I'm panicking because first response showed very faint positive yesterday and today it's negative. Does that mean it's failed or just that trigger is out now. First response says test 6 days early which was yesterday and today is negative. Please be honest do you think it's over??


I didn't test early so don't know how long it took for trigger shot to be out of my system but I have heard it takes as long as 2 weeks, so that could explain it as you're just coming to the end of that period. I know it's difficult but you need to try and relax and give your little embryo every chance of being successful. Good luck!


Thank you xxxx


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