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Testing out trigger shot?

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Hi ladies, have any of you tested out your trigger shot then gone on to get a BFP? I had faint positives on 4dp/5dp now it’s pretty much negative on 6dp. Is there any hope? Xx

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Keep positive lovely people can get a beg on day 10 but get a positive on the day of testing . It such a head mess isn’t it ! Your doing great x

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Millbanks in reply to leah30

Thanks lovely. Everything crossed for us both!! Xx

I tested mine out first round! I think it was day 6 it was negative and then say 7 positive again! But sadly mine ended in chemical hence then telling us to wait until test day (which I still did not learn from 😂) best of luck hunny 🤞🏻❤️

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Millbanks in reply to Khess124

I’m sorry to hear about your chemical 💔

Which trigger did you use? Xx

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Khess124 in reply to Millbanks

Ovitril but only 1 trigger shot 🙈

I tested out my trigger shot - I took x2 ovitrelle - I was negative on first response by the morning of 3dp5dt and started to get a BFP 3.5 - 4dp5dt but I’m having twins

I saw! Congratulations 💖

So that was 500 dose? Xx

I think they might have been 2500 each but I can’t remember - I know that hcg has a half life of about 24 hours though so every day it should halve and the day I tested negative was about right if the starting level was 5,000

Hey Millbanks, 6dp is still really early. I know it’s hard but try not to lose hope and hold out til closer to test day if you can. Best of luck! X

Thank you. I really hate this waiting. I wish there was something I could take to knock me out for 2 weeks... xxx

I know exactly how you feel, I’m 5dp5dt. Not going to test early as don’t want to ruin my Christmas! It’s hard though! Struggling to feel hopeful this time xx

It’s still early days! Everything crossed that second line starts to show up soon! Xxx

Hey Millbanks how are you doing today? Hold tight lovely, testing early could give you false positives/ negatives and mess with your head. Hope you’re in a better head space today and keeping spirits up. Xx

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Millbanks in reply to Beatrix_K

Thanks lovely, I did test again today 🤦🏼‍♀️ and there is an imperceptibly faint line still so have bought some FRER tests and will check again tomorrow. This is the last time I’ll test early for sure! Almost worse than being anxious just in general for the 2WW... to be honest though I’ve accepted that it’s probably not going to happen and am looking forward to some wine over Christmas!

How did you get on? Xxx

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Beatrix_K in reply to Millbanks

My motto is if there’s a line there, keep positive! It is still quite early to say for definite but don’t write it off just yet, you never know...And yeah, if it’s not to be there’s always wine and cheese waiting!

I bled before my OTD and tbh after getting over it I put ivf to one side to focus on work...But I am starting again with next cycle straight after Xmas so I need to get in the right head space. 😬

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Millbanks in reply to Beatrix_K

Aww sorry lovely. That’s good though. I’m already thinking about my next FET 🤦🏼‍♀️

My OTD is Wednesday so I just can’t imagine it happening now... ugh

Trying to be positive!! Xxx

Ok I understand, I’m here if you just want to talk or generally want to let it out (but I’m still going to be hopeful for you) xxx

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Millbanks in reply to Beatrix_K

You’re very sweet xxx

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