We are now going through our 2nd round of icsi our infertility is all make factor and we were having to look into donor sperm, which we didn't really want but had to do. I had ec yesterday and even thou I'm in a ridiculous amount of pain they have just called and said they got 24 eggs, 23 of which were good enough to use and 17 of them are fertilised all a good for 5day transfer. I'm so shocked I started crying and asked him if he was definitely sure and that it was my hubby's sperm coz the last 3 he done to freeze all had 1 sperm that's all in!! Feel so much more positive now :)

Sorry had to share my excitement xx

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  • Brilliant news x

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you. It seems sperm samples can vary hugely, I'm so pleased that you've got this far and really hope it results in. BFP.

  • Thanks I was so shocked considering he done a sample on Friday which was absolutely rubbish so when he said that I was like what?? Double check lol xx

  • Hello Lotbot, that's fabulous news! Good luck for transfer x

  • Wow what lovely news. Good luck with the transfer!!! Xx

  • That's such great news Lotbot. :) We are doing ICSI too, for male infertility issues. I was also shocked when they did my DHs sperm retrieval op and then they got 5 strands to work with. I was much more worried than him that there might not even be sperm at all. But was happily proven wrong.

    I don't quite understand how they can freeze sperm for so long without it affecting quality. As I wont get my ET until end of July.

    It's so amazing that it only takes one for ICSI process, thank god for medical science as I feel so lucky to get this chance due to ICSI being developed in our lifetimes.

    Best of luck with it all, xxx

  • That's great news. So happy for you x

  • Wow lucky and great news xx

  • Hi Lotbot. Congratulations from me too! With my medical head on, please remember to drink plenty of fluids for a few days, as you have had lots of eggs collected. Your ovaries may still be a little active for a bit. Itโ€™s safe to take paracetamol and ibuprofen to help with the pain if needed Hope all goes well with the transfer. Diane

  • Thanks I'm doing my best to drink as much as I can, I have really bad stomach pain atm (feels almost like I've pulled a muscle in my tummy hurts to cough or sneeze or move much!) I'm taking paracetamol too x

  • Hi. Yes, your poor old ovaries have obviously had a lot of poking about, so this is what causes the pain. Try and rest when you can, and keep an eye on your urine output - hence drinking plenty. Hope all soon settles for you. Diane

  • Great news, we have just been referred as we need ICSI due to my husbands sperm and its good to hear stories like this, we are sooo nervous and still a bit in shock!

  • Hi lotbot and Rosy! We are also in the same boat, ICSI due to male factor, sperm retrieval op and they frozen samples before EC. We got 12 eggs and eventually one embryo was transferred on day 5, while 4 frozen. Failed that fresh 5dt and one FET

    Now I started second FET. Very scared very nervous to be nervous in fear and hope tensions. Hope we all will get BFP soon.xx

  • Hi Lotbot, Rosy and HopeforICSI.

    I am in the same boat as you ladies. Male factor aswell. Our first cycle failed, as there was sperm present on the fresh sample provided on the day of the ec, so the clinic used the back frozen sample. But unfortunately those sperms were not viable so my eggs were not fertilized, and didnt have any et. As DH frozen samples are not great and didnt fertilize the eggs last time, This time the plan has changed a little if there is no sperm in the fresh sample on the day of ec, then they will do emergency ssr on the day. So fingers crossed ladies. This time it works. This will our last go, i dont think i have the mental energy to go for it the 3rd time. Im going for 3d sis scan next week.

    So fingers crossed for you all beautiful ladies, goodluck with what ever stage you are at.

    XxX shirley

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