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Special IVF pregnancy tests patent in creation

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This morning at 4.30am Mr Emu declared that a new pregnancy test should be made. Just for IVF patients. Instead of 2-3 weeks or a blue cross they should read: “Who f*cking knows”.

I’ve been spotting on and off since Thursday last week, with some bizarre very dark discharge after. Yesterday morning I had more than spotting, darker in pink and more of it. Some reassurance from the gorgeous ladies on here who help me off line, advice to stop my aspirin (from my clinic) until it’s stopped meant I headed home from work with no bleeding feeling a bit better, safe for some cramping.

Last night, I went to the toilet before bed. “Mr Emu!” I shouted. “Come upstairs. Look!” (**perhaps now is the time to tell you all I don’t call him Mr Emu except for on this forum though I quite like the idea of calling him that so he knows I’m shouting about something IVF related.**)

My pyjama bottoms had blood in them. Real blood. Period blood. And not a spot or two. My heart isn’t geared up for this. It categorically cannot leap in to my mouth every time I go to the toilet for 7 and a half more months.

We were due to take another test today. Because we are NOT serial testers and we promised we never would be. That went well! Even though I know the hormone lingers... it provides some reassurance. Today it hasn’t. It hasn’t jumped to 3+ this morning like I see other ladies do by now. It’s still 2-3.

I’m six weeks pregnant today. Already it feels like it’s over. I don’t feel reassured. I don’t feel like it’s working anymore. I know women bleed and I know if I was reading this what I would be saying. Giving advice it so much easier.

If anyone wants to invest in Mr Emu’s business venture. Do let me know. Typical Yorkshire man: always sees the opportunity to make money.

6 days to the scan. x

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Try not to panic. Easier said I know!! In my first pregnancy I was inside 6 weeks before clear blue told me it was 3+. I know the blood is a worry (despite people saying it happens for no reason). Can you ask for an earlier scan? By now they would be able to see something. xx

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emu2016 in reply to WeeMrsH

They didn’t seem keen yesterday. But I’ll contact them today. I almost text you at 11pm! 🙈😂🙈 x

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WeeMrsH in reply to emu2016

I was still awake! You should have my love xx

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emu2016 in reply to WeeMrsH

Is it January yet? x

The not knowing is so awful isn’t it. Even after a positive test we can’t relax. I know it probably won’t help but I’ll try and give you some reassuring words anyway. I’ve seen lots of ladies on here say it takes a lot longer than expected to go from 2-3 weeks to 3+ weeks. One lady even said she gave up in the end without ever seeing her 3+ weeks and she was pretty far along at the time. Take heart it hasn’t gone down to 1-2 weeks.

As for the blood, I know that must be scary, particularly after last time. Sometimes blood means something. Other times it doesn’t. That’s the other frustrating thing about this journey, different symptoms mean different things for different ladies. There’s no universal if this happens this is what it means.

I’d phone your clinic when they open and ask for advice. Maybe they will up your progesterone levels to try and stop the bleeding? I’ve seen ladies on here be told to be on complete bed rest until it stops and then they’ve been ok.

If you do want to know and can’t wait for your scan then you could always get a private blood test. There are loads of places that do them, some with same or next day results and if you do it with 48 hrs apart then you’ll know whether your HcG is increasing or decreasing.

I’ve got everything crossed for your scan next week, but in the meantime try and take it easy and let Mr Emu do all the work x

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emu2016 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks Lynne. Totally helped actually. Thank you xxx

I agree with Lynnr54 I think you should ask for a blood test. Your clinic would do it I’m sure under the circumstances. How can they not? xx

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emu2016 in reply to WeeMrsH

The whole blood test thing is crazy isn’t it. Why do places not do them as standard any more?! x

I commented this on another post the other day:

These digital tests are rubbish. Mine didn’t change from 2-3 weeks I actually gave up testing in the end and am now 17 weeks pregnant. I knew my hcg levels were well over the 3+ levels you find online as I was having blood tests as was bleeding. Mine were over 21,000 and still showing 2-3 weeks!

Midwife told me they are well known for giving incorrect results! I wouldn’t worry unless it starts to go down (ie to 1-2 weeks)


Hope that gives you some reassurance!

I had bleeding from 6-12 weeks as had an sch which has now nearly resolved at 18 weeks. Bleeding is not normal, but very common. I would ring your clinic/epu to see if they can get you in any earlier for a scan xx

Thinking of you xx

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emu2016 in reply to lianm8

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Some days people sharing their own experiences means so much. Thank you! xx

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lianm8 in reply to emu2016


Let us know how you get on xxx

Hope you’re able to get either bloods done or a scan today to give you some reassurance. It’s a bl**dy rollercoaster though - wish it was smoother for you xxx

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emu2016 in reply to 7AVA

It’s a rollercoasters that’s for sure! xx

Your doctors will usually carry out an urgent blood test mine did when I bled also I went to the hospital and demanded a scan they have me one the next day don't wait and put yourself through all the stress you need reassurance little one or two are safe xxx

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emu2016 in reply to Patty74

You’re right patty x

All the best eureka moments for new inventions are made at ridiculous hours of the morning. In this current age of crazy technology (which half of us can’t keep up with anymore) why can’t there be an easy solution to giving us slightly less worry. We have enough on our plates and shouldn’t be expected to pyjama watch for 9 months. These sticks may as well flash up ‘your guess is as good as mine’ with a patronising little smiley face stroke embarrassed grimace!

I’d play the hysterical female card and demand a blood test. Yes, I hate having to trash my tough ‘I can cope, I’m a warrior’ exterior but if uncontrolled sobbing down the phone to my clinic and embarrassing snotty sobs gets them to realise I need reassurance then so be it. when I called my clinic with a similar situation last year I got all the usual ‘this is completely normal’ ‘this can happen a lot ’ ‘if I had a pound for everyone who calls in with that same worry’ blah blah blah, well if you need more reassurance then ask for a blood test, when you’re actually in this position yourself it is often no reassurance whatsoever hearing this can happen & can be normal. You can’t be expected to worry away on pj watch until your scan?

We are all v different, sometimes it’s good to compare symptoms, sometimes not. People reach milestones at different times and you’re worried enough without testing sticks causing more doubt when ultimately I don’t think they’re the greatest help to u right now. There could still be a number of valid (and not worrying) reasons you’re not getting 3+

Until Mr Emu gets on to Dragons Den and finds an investor for his new “how am I supposed to f*#king know” pioneering new test, I’d see if you can get some solid reassurance in the form of good old fashioned blood tests. Yes it’s infuriating all clinics do seem to do things differently, but all tend to come around when you start to lose it on the phone. I’ve driven to mine unannounced and sat in reception not moving until they tested me. For everyone’s sake they don’t need someone like that lingering around in their nice receptions with their fancy coffee machines & soft furnishings, the snotty sobbing kinda kills the vibe and u get seen pretty quick!!!

I’ve never reached beyond the dizzy heights of 6wks so what do I know re advice on bleeding, all our wonderfully annoying bodies work in very obscure different ways. But what I do know is that if your gut is saying you think things aren’t right, then you go and try and get more practical help if u can & if u feel a blood test would put your mind at rest before your scan. Can you go to the early pregnancy unit and tell them you’re worried and get a test there? that was my backup plan had my clinic not played ball, my local EPU said I must have a doctors referral unless I’ve had 3 miscarriages but when I had an NHS scan after my miscarriage, the sonographer said the EPU would have certainly not just turned me away, referral or not.

I can understand how scary this all is and really hope u can get some reassurance soon. Does this ever get easier?! In the meantime wish Mr Emu good luck on his Dragons Den interview.


Hi. No advice on the tests as I've never used them but I just wanted to wish you luck. I hope you can get a blood test or an earlier scan. Xx

It’s so scary seeing blood. I had a big bleed on Thursday evening and both DH and I thought it was all over. It really freaked us out. I contacted the clinic the next morning and they called me in for a scan. Everything was as it should be and all looked fine. It was a massive help and made me feel really reassured. They said they couldn’t see a reason particularly but it was probably due to a bruise or slight trauma. In other words I need to take it easy and not rush around as normal. It was a real wake up call. Nothing is more important than what’s going on inside.

I def think you should contact your clinic and get your scan moved. All the stress isn’t good for you and baby. It’s the constant not knowing that is the hardest thing. If I could have a scan everyday I think I would!!!!

Wish you the best of luck.xxx

just wanted to say I am thinking of you. .the waiting and worrying is worse after 2ww..this whole thing sucks xxxx

Oh it’s so exhausting being on tenterhooks all the time ... I am sorry you are experiencing this. It would be good to go to your local Early Pregnancy Unit: some you can self refer, others you need a gp referral. I hope all’s well 🤞. It won’t be any consolation, but I bled throughout my first pregnancy and my daughter is now 5 and a half and very much here. Wishing you all the best xxx

I honestly don’t know what to say because no words will make you feel reassured. Ring the hospital and see what they say . Fingers crossed everything is ok my love xxx

I agree with the others above. This is when you need a blood test / scans. You should get in touch with your local epu. They may even open in 5 minutes (8am).

Was there a lot of blood? Has it continued? The epu should do a scan and take your bloods. The bloods will need to be repeated in 2 days time to ensure they are doubling and the scan will show you a wee flickering light.

Wishing you so much baby dust. We know youbare a strong lady and you are always there for everyone here - you now have all that positivity, hugs and well wishes coming to you and mr emu. Good luck xxx

Thinking of you and hoping all is well. You can’t always trust your gut, many times I’ve trusted mine and it’s been wrong xx

It took my tests considerably longer than expected to move from 2-3 to 3+ weeks which freaked me out to the point now I've reverted to the First Response tests now. All I want to see now is the 2 lines!!!

Promised OH I would only do 1 more test between now and my scan (14th June)

Hopefully your bleeding stops and you can somehow make It through to your scan xx

Oh god it’s so fu***** stressful, totally in my thoughts. It could (just) be a subchorionic bleed, and they’re quite common and harmless, however they’re frigging terrifying! I’d go and have the blood test, then one on Thursday and you’ve got something to go by. Will your clinic not do it? If not A&E will - they did for me when I was losing my sh*t when we had a subchorionic bleed! Although my ending wasn’t happy, it had nothing NOTHING to do with the bleeding, it was just rotten luck (understatement!). Thinking of you xxx

I'll keep my fingers, toes, arms and eyes crossed that everything is ok for you. I'll even keep my legs crossed and that's saying something considering me and the boyf take every available opportunity to bonk telling ourselves it might just happen naturally ;) Big love to you and Mr Emu xxx

I had what is called a Subchronic haematoma . Which is a cyst filled with blood it can sometimes cause bleeding as it comes away . Mine was right near where my girls were . It went away by 13 weeks . I know it’s difficult but try and not panic . Easier said than done when this journey is long and tiring xx

The clinic / hospital should also offer a reassurance scan . Or do a HCG blood test xx

Just wanted to say thinking about u xx

When I had bleeding at 6 weeks I was referred to my local early pregnancy unit and I had a scan. I then bled again that afternoon so had another scan a week later. Try and see if your doctors can refer you to them. Waiting til you other scan will be torture otherwise.

I’ve got everything crossed for you xx

Hey, I personally hate those clear blue tests. I did 3-4 Of them and mine never moved from 2-3 weeks. It gave me such anxiety! I'm never buying one again.

Yesterday after bleeding lots I saw our babies heartbeat, we've never got this far. I'm scared to death.

Did yoU have one or two embies transferred? Xx

Hopefully all has settled down again. Those tests are just a gimmick and hoping you've managed to sort some bloods out! Thinking of you!xxx

Hope you are ok! Those stupid tests! X

Hope you are ok. Have everything crossed that you got some tests done to give reassurance. Your posts have kept me going. Wishing you all the very best xxxx

Only just saw this hoping you have had a scan to reassure you praying that all is well xx

Hope you are ok emu2016?

Just want to say that I'm thinking of you Mrs Emu! I hope everything turns out ok!

Really hope everything is ok, and that you get some reassurance soon x

Any news emu? xx

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emu2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

Just writing a new post! Look at all these comments! I’m all good x

Hi how u doing Wat a rollercoaster indeed. I to had a bleed at 6 weeks after a 2 embryo transfer luckily my scan was the next day and still 2 little heart beats and 2 perfect sacs so try not to worry. Im now 8 weeks and have a second sxan booked for thursday. On the uss the dr could see a pocket of blood and said this is probably where I'd bled from. It's quite common apparently - not common enough for us to not worry tho but keep the faith. 😍😍

Thinking of you at this difficult time. Hope you were able to get a scan or blood test.

Hope everything is ok and you managed to get bloods/scan. Been thinking of you x

Just want to give you a massive hug and I truly hope this is going to work out for you. I had some bleeding during the early weeks and it panics you. Thankfully mine stopped around wk 10 I hope for a speedy next 6 days! Xx

Really sorry to hear about your bleeding. Really hoping all is ok for you and sending you lots of love. 💕xxx

Hi Emu, I know I can't give any amount of reassurance because I think you're a no bullsh*t lady and we know that the only thing that can do that is (probably) the blood test and (most definitely) the scan. Personally I think the clearblue tests are a bit of a swiz, I only use the cheapy tests cos either it's 2 lines or not and I think clearblue is just a more expensive way of telling you this. I think the hcg levels are the only thing to give you a clear picture. I know everyone has said it but bleeding isn't always a sign for panic & trust me it isn't, but then that's coming from someone who is on permanent knicker watch despite being 23 weeks along so I can totally see where you're coming from. Every bit of orange/pink/red/brown bits lead to an immediate state of panic (so I'm sorry to say it doesn't end). I think Mr Emu's idea is fantastic, he could do a whole range of products for throughout the entire ivf/pregnancy probably called something like 'what the actual f**k is going on'. I'd buy it for sure. Hang tight until you can get the tests done but until then try not to panic (sorry, easier said than done). Take care of yourself and Mr Emu xxxx

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