Second infertility with unexplained reasons

Hi all, I'm new here. My DH& I, we have been trying for nearly three years. We had all the tests done and the results came all fine. Having been staying positive as much as I could, but every month when I see my period back I am just disappointed and very stressful. I just want to talk to someone in the same situation or someone has overcome this. Please share your thought with me!

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  • hi and welcome. I understand how you feel as will everyone else on here. I was trying to conceive with then husband for 2 years at age 30-32. It's extremely stressful and with each month and each period that comes you feel more and more sad it's not happening for you. I ended up having a breakdown in Babies R Us and husband didn't know what to do with me. What I'd say is support each other. Whilst men can't understand us totally, they hurt as well. I'm sure your time will come. It has for me. I'm 9 wks pregnant at the ripe old age of 41! Never lose hope and all the bestxx

  • Hi... we are also experiencing secondary infertility.... it's so incredibly hard. The monthly cycle of hope before ovulation, constantly thinking you have pregnancy symptoms before AF and then the heartbreak each month is so hard. I sometimes feel like I'm wishing my life away, and life before infertility affected us seems so simple and care free. It feels like it has consumed our life. We have been TTC for 2 years and are awaiting our referall for IVF so haven't started our journey just yet. Just wanted you to know you are not alone xxx

  • We were unexplained for 2 years and they are now thinking there may be a reason for it...however same result either way is IVF. Are you being referred, or considering your options down that route? I find when I have a plan I feel more positive, to help the lows. But I totally know how you feel, I had the worst birthday this year as I was struggling so much with the constant coming on and no success cycle. I hope there's a positive way forward for you and I'm here along with many others to support xx

  • Hi robbie03. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I start to look at IvF option. Since we already have a child, we won't have NHS funded treatment. So we have option to go with private clinic. Do you have any recommendation for me? I am based in London.

    I just wish you all the best and a miracle will soon come with you.

  • We are waiting for referral on NHS or not next week and then will ask our consultant for a recommendation. There are some forums online I've seen and many clinics post their statistics of success online.

    I would look up best consultants and where they are based for unexplained infertility. Good luck finding the right one for you! Xx

  • Welcome. Also have Secondary infertility & have been TTC for over 4 years. We have just started our 1st IVF cycle. Having had tests on the NHS (which were all fine) & then with our private clinic - hubby's sperm shape came back as irregular on some of them so we were referred for ICSI.

    I understand how hard it is each month - please know is you're not alone xxx

  • Hi Pumpkin36. We are second infertility. We don't have NHS funded treatment so we have only an option to go for private one for IVF. I am looking at that now, I'm based in London. Whereabout are you? Do you have any recommendation for a clinic for me?

    Was you husband test result fine with NHS then you got a different result with a private? My husband's test was fine with NHS before, but I really want to double check all our tests results all over again.

    Thank you

  • Hi I was the same doctors couldn't find a reason for no conception and couldn't get help with an further treatment. I decided if there was nothing 'wrong' then it was still possible. The pain of disappointed over the 4 years + came and went but as a couple we stayed strong. Prior to Christmas my husband was so frustrated he said maybe we should just forget it and live our lives. It shocked me as his hurt was as great as mine. In my heart I knew we would have a child one day and after booking to see an expensive private consultant we fell pregnant over Christmas and the rest is history. I tried many things myself along the way reflexology, which I couldn't recommend more, stopped caffeine stopped sugar and the month prior to conception I ate a really good alkaline diet. No idea why it happened when it did but I'm still pinching myself that my baby boy is on the way and will be born just before I'm 40. My best advice is don't give up hope, it's ok to be sad and down somedays, but don't stop visualising your end goal. Best of luck to you x

  • Hi. Thanks for sharing with me. I am really happy to hear the baby is on the way. Bless you and the bump Xx

  • I am in exactly same boat. Age 33 with a 3yo & trying for 18 months . Diagnosed unexplained & finding it a real challenge to have something so outside my control. Takes over my thoughts any time I have a quiet moment to think. Message me any time x

  • Hi all,

    I just want to update with a good news. A micracle has happened to us. I'm now around 10 wks pregnant. It happened all spontaneously. Await to my first scan and we just keep it to btw ourselves me and my husband and my little boy. Our 4 yrs old DS is super excited and proud and keeping checking 'how big is the baby today' and he is surprisingly very good at keeping secret. A few more weeks till the first scan!

    It's only A few months ago, when I was feeling really down and about to looking at IVF option after sharing with you here. I am feeling I am very lucky. And I really really hope that the same luck would come to you soon.

    Thank you for all your blessings and supports when I was really down before Xx

  • 🙈🙈🙈 I'm a bit slow just seen your post was old and seen this! Omg amazing news sometimes these things just take time and are all the more special for the wait xx

  • Sorry just seen test where fine! That's a really good sign! What else are you doing are you doing ovulation tests and timed intercourse etc? X

  • Hi Daxi16, thank you.

    It is all spontaneous. We did not canculate anything. Been failing with timing for the last two yrs

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