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Hi All,

Wondering if flying soon after embryo transfer is something that can be done??

We would like to go abroad on holiday but due to timings etc it looks like our only shot would be a couple of days after ET. What are your thoughts on this??

This would be our second (and final free) fresh round as first failed with none to freeze. I've no idea what's best!

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No problem at all. Lots of people go abroad for ivf treatment and then fly home. It's great that you will be able to go on holiday and relax after transfer. Just be careful of hot baths etc. Good luck and enjoy xx

Thank you 😊 I didn't even clicked that people who go abroad fly home ! 🤦‍♀️ xx


I flew the day after as had treatment abroad... and I got a BFP. Good luck! x

Fantastic 🤞 xx

Paris1-1 in reply to emu2016

Congratulations to you. 😘 xx

As camillage said lots of people go abroad for ivf so defiantly it’s ok! When do you start your cycle? All the best I’m sure this time you'll get your BFP!🤞🏻 xx

Hi, we've got a provisional date for July 🤞. How are things with you?? Xx

Finally I’ve got my appointment with new dr on 21st! Hope he’s better than the other one. Keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻xxx

That's good, I hope he is good too! 🤞 xx


I flew the day after egg transfer for both the failed and successful cycle. Dr from failed cycle was over cautious and wrote me a letter to pass through the security screen without going through the screening caz he scared me that the radiation would shrivel and kill the embryo. The second clinic from the successiful transfer did not have such reservations and did not think the scan posed any particular health risk to the embryos

Thank you :) xx

I had Transfer Wednesday & went home Friday ( Istanbul 4 hour flight ) and pregnant with twins .... no risk at all

Thank you :) xx

Whats made you choose to go abroad?

Hiya. I am currently awaiting collection and transfer in Greece.i asked my doctor when I can travel to the UK after transfer and she said we can even travel on the same day if we wanted. The clinic recommend a day or so just for rest and as a precaution. She said I had to decide what was best for my body but in terms of safety it’s not a problem to fly on the same day. Hope that helps

It does thank you. Hubby is delighted now lol! Xx

What made you choose to go abroad?

Mainly cost and because I found two clinics in Greece that spoke to me like a person with feelings instead of just give me a sales pitch. I had one consultation with a Spanish private clinic based in London and it was awful. The consultant showed no emotion and gave me a sales pitch for PGS. Then she handed me a price list and told me to come back after we had update blood tests done. I paid 250 pounds for that pleasure.

Hi, I heard flying back day after maybe better as it's worked for a few people I know. I've flown back on day 3 twice and had a bff. So good luck xx

Thanks, it would be for a holiday so if we were going it would be soon after ET. Although now I'm wondering about holiday insurance?? Xx

I think you just need to be careful where your traveling and not to be having the local water, ice and salad depending on your destination

Best of luck!!

Biala in reply to Emmad781

Hi pls wats wrong with vegetable salad during 2ww?

Rainbowbright1 in reply to Biala

I think it's more to do with it being washed in local water if you are abroad than anything else! Xx

Yes sorry that’s all I ment..the food being washed in local water but cooked veg is fine

Thanks, will keep that in mind. I never thought about the salad being 2asjed in water! 🤦‍♀️ xx

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