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Constipation after egg collection


Has anyone else had rediculously bad constipation/wind after egg collection? Im in sooooo much pain! Had a laxative and been drinking peppermint tea but nothing. I look about 4 months pregnant and reallg dont know what else to do 😩😩😩

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I'm the same, really bad trapped wind and I'm so bloated, I think the medication I'm on is the cause, opposed to the egg collection. I might call my clinic tomorrow and see what they suggest. I'm like a very painful balloon, if balloons could ever have feelings 😂

LouBoo85 in reply to Box01

Ahhh i know its awful! I dont think i can go into work tomorrow, i can barely move! Never felt anything like it 😩😩

I think you must call the clinic and tell the Dr i fthat is normal.

Aloe Vera juice is very good too.

Sorry you are in pain best things are to eat little and often include fruit and veg in your diet drink lots of fluid and keep moving gently hope you feel better soon x

5 days after my EC and still feel like I have the worst case of trapped wind, that refuses to leave!! 😬😬😬 so weird isn’t it!! Hope you’re feeling better soon xxx

Yes, I was the same for a couple of days. I tried to eat loads of fibre and drink fresh orange and it sorted itself out after a few days. I hope you get some relief soon.

It’s crazy isn’t it, you go into egg collection feeling quite normal, but straight after and for days after you feel like you have insane trapped wind! I actually got some that was so trapped that I woke in agony thinking It was something bad and might need to go to a and e, but I figured that’s all it was and stayed put. There is a yoga position that is a good wind relieving position if you google it, and I also took lots of Wind-eeze tablets. X

Yeah ive literally been screaming in the night its so bad 😩 ive called the doc and they are prescribing me lactulose but ive been told it takes a couple of days to work. Been off work all week now,this is getting a joke. Soooo miserable! 6 days without going to the toilet...i dont even want to eat now. 😢😢

I had the same - prune juice worked for me eventually!!! Did take a couple of days to start moving though!! I'm now 6 weeks pregnant and, to be honest, it's not really much better!!! Still struggle! x


Ah yes! These really helped - bit expensive but worked for me - Ortis Fruits & Fibres Chewable Cubes Pack of 12 - you can get them at Holland & Barrett, all natural.


OMG this is me right now! I had my EC on Monday and I have been in tremendous pain. I’m in so much pain I had an emergency ultrasound this afternoon. To make matters worst, I Found out that I have a bladder infection caused by the EC procedure. Don’t even know if they will go ahead with the egg transfer on Saturday.

Do the usual, drink plenty of water and eat fibre plus take the laxatives.

In an extreme case you can try an enema, I use micralax which you can buy over the counter at any chemist.

I really do hope you feel much better soon. I’m off to swallow a whole packet of laxatives.

All the best xx

To be honest i think im going to go a&e to be on the safe side...actualy went to the toilet yesterday but still in so much pain and feel really sick. I was sick yesterday but put it down to the yacky prune juice. Im at high risk of over stimulation so better to be safe than sorry xxx

Hi people the hosp have said ive got fluid around my organs and one of my bloods have come back clotted so they want me to stay over so they can monitor me 😩

👋 bye bye fresh transfer on sun 😢

Just goes to show follow your gut ppl i knew this was more than just constipation!!

Box01 in reply to LouBoo85

Oh no, poor you. How are you eggs doing? Hopefully they're doing okay and waiting won't make any difference. Hope the doctors are making you feel better xx

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