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Gonasi given AFTER egg collection


Hi there,

I had my egg collection today and came home with a list of drugs to take. However they also gave me Gonasi 5000 U.I/1ml and told me to inject this. Looking back at the list it isn't on there and from Google it looks like this is usually the trigger injection. I can't get through to the emergency helpline to check. Was anyone else given this? I don't know whether to take it tonight or not!

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, as far as I’m aware it’s normally given prior to egg collection as a trigger- I had 10,000 units to help mature my eggs prior to egg collection.

Are you with NHS or private? I’d keep trying the emergency line. If NHS could you try ringing a gynae ward for advise? Xx

Thank you. We can't find any info of it being given after egg collection but seems so wierd that they'd prescribe it wrongly!

I'll keep trying the emergency line, seems ridiculous that they don't answer!

Thanks for your help

let us know how you get on x good luck! X

What did u take as a trigger? X

Try not to panic. I had this on my last cycle. (And it is on my current protocol too). I had buserelin as my trigger (I think this can sometimes be used if there is risk of OHSS). Then I had the gonasi shot after egg collection xx

Do you know what was used for your trigger shot? x

Mine was the same, burselin for trigger

That's so good to hear. I'll take it then. We still can't get through to the doctor. I'm in masses of pain, were you?

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly!

I was in quite a lot of pain on one of my cycles yes. What type of pain is it? Do you know how many eggs they retrieved? xx

They got 19 eggs I think. Pain all around stomach, can't really stand straight, I'm just bent over double.

I'm gonna take the gonasi now though, I just wanted one person to confirm it's not abnormal! This forum is so amazing, I'm so grateful

That’s a great number. Might help to explain your pain. But I’m no doctor so keep an eye on your symptoms because OHSS can be horrible. Take care of yourself lovely and keep drinking lots of water xxx

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Make sure you take regular pain relief - paracetamol every four hours. Hope you feel better soon x

I believe it is because it is the HCG that can really trigger OHSS. So by doing it separately (I.e. using a trigger that does not contain HCG) they can wait and see how the ovaries are at the point of egg collection. If ok then proceed with gonasi shot (the nurses have us the go ahead after egg collection). But if not and there are signs of overstimulation then it allows them to opt for a freeze all instead so your body can settle without extra HCG xx

I also had a gonasi shot after egg collection when my oestrogen levels were high and they only let me take the buserelin trigger. It was something to do with supporting the lining. But I’d listen to Picalilli above as that is all sensible advice. I hope the pain is subsiding for you xx

Thanks everyone for the help. The pain is still bad but if I stay very still it's ok! I finally just had a call back from the 'emergency' helpline, 12 hours later! She said to just take painkillers and that's it, hopefully it will fade soon.

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