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Has anyone used EuroCARE IVF

Hi there

I'm 41, with low AMH (1.9) and high FSH (11) had two failed IVF (short and long protocol ) on highest dose. and one miscarriage (natural conception). I was considering a low dose/mini IVF before moving on to donor as a last option but have com across Tandem . Eurocare IVF offer this at an affordable price compared to other clinics, but can't find much independent reviews.

Just wanted to know if anyone has used them.

Many thanks

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Hi. Anyone replying please do so by private message, A’s clinic names being mentioned,constitutes advertising. Thanks. Diane


Congratulations on your little girl Rowena44.

Unfortunately my problem is not producing healthy eggs to fertilise so surrogacy isn’t an option for me unless it’s with donor eggs. Which will be my other option.

Thank you for your reply


Hi Connie7777

I am so sorry to hear of your journey. Lots of us here are having similar times. I was told by clinics in the UK that I had a 1% chance of success with my own eggs. I don't know specifically about the clinic that you asked about however they all have reviews / ratings from the hfea (or similar to that - I am not great on detail).

I have opted for donor eggs as I have done 3 cycles with own - 1st = 3 eggs, 1 fertilised, day3 transfer, bleed before otd; 2nd = 2 transfered, both fertilised, day 3 transfer, bleed before otd; 3rd cycle abandoned for non response.

Going through each of these rounds was so stressful and heartbreaking. And between each cycle - time and waiting. As each birthday passed I became more and more depressed about how long it was taking.

Whilst I have no experience of tandem I wanted to wish you all the best with whatever decision you make. Choose somewhere you would like to visit, is easy to get to, and has good reviews / prices. Most of all it is about where you feel comfortable.



Dear Camillage

Thank you so much for sharing your story and advice. I hadn’t considered where I would perfer to visit and spend time.


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