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Ivf short protocol


Hi, I'm on ivf short protocol. I've been injecting menupur 300 units and low dose down regulation injections as well. I've had one scan and due another tomorrow which will be day 11. Has anyone gone through same schedule?

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Hiya, I did short protocol in Oct. total 450ml of menopur and another that I can’t recall. Retrieved 3 eggies, only one fertilised and went back in at 2 days. Sadly, it didn’t work. Will be trying again in July. How are you feeling?

Hi I was on a short protocol with exact same dose of Menopur and buserlin as was thought to boost quality. Unfortunately I never responded very well and only had 1 leading follicle at my first scan with my final scan showing 2 .

Don’t worry though as everyone responds differently.

What results did you get today did you have many follies growing ?

I did the short protocol because I didn’t respond well to the long protocol. I got my bfp and I now have a 5 week old son. Good luck xx

Thank you all for your response. It's very helpful. I'll keep you all updated after my scan this afternoon. I'm trying to stay very positive

I did short protocol in Jan and got my BFP in Feb. I had long protocol last year and had OHSS with poor embryo quality in the end - although did have transfer and BFN. This shorter cycle worked much better for me - less eggs collected as no OHSS, but better fertilisation rate and much better growth & higher quality embies.

Good luck with your cycle - I hope it suits you well too xxx

Thank you so much. I'm trying so had to stay positive. I was meant to be on long protocol, but I had a period unexpectedly before I was meant to start buserelin. I was then transferred to short protocol. I felt like things were getting bad before it even started Xxx

Started short protocol on the 9th and ET is today! I responded well to low doses when doing IUI so thought it wouldn’t take long or a high dose to get there. It’s felt quick but much better than having to wait around- it feels like 2 years of that. Got 10 at EC and 6 fertilised. Excited to hear today how they’re doing and what the Embryologist recommends in terms of transfer. Good luck to you x

I’m on short protocol and I’m going for my scan today, I’m assuming I will start the injections today. Can anyone confirm if they’ve had any side effects as I haven’t told work and want to be in as much as I can :) any tips? Thank you

I'm on Short protocol as well, I've not had any side effects. I didn't tell work as well. Just been for my second scan on day 11. Ready for EC on Wednesday. Will be waiting for call to administer trigger short tonight. I'm just staying positive

Hi I’ve just been through the short protocol. This is my first ever IVF cycle. I had 300 merifet daily. At day 9 I had my first scan. I had enough follicles to trigger that evening I had 12 follicles in total. I had my egg collection on the 13th March where they managed to retrieve 17 eggs. 13 then fertilised over night. I had my embryo transfer on the 18th I’m currently in the 2ww. We were lucky enough to also have 8 frozen blastocyst. I’m stressing during the 2WW I had a bleed on day 5 & 6 it’s stopped now. However I’m not feeling hopeful I’m too scared to test as today is only day 8 after 5 day transfer.

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