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Pain after egg collection.


So I had egg collection on Tuesday and have felt fine. But last night I had really bad stomach ache. It was like the pain I had with endometriosis, so sweaty, clammy, feeling and faint from the pain. I then had an upset stomach during this. So unsure if it bowel related. Feeling tender today and worried it will happen again. Has anyone else had a similar experience or does anyone have any advise. As I didn’t have this with my first cycle. Thanks x

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I didn't have this with my first cycle and it was probably because I triggered with Buserelin then and HCG this time. Also produced more follicles this time. But I was in crazy pain a few days after retrieval. I was really bloated Couldn't lie on my side and actually looked 4 months pregnant. And I think the pessaries and all the hormones are making me constipated which doesn't help. it's most painful when my bladder is full. I don't have endo so can't compare it to that but I've been on alert for symptoms of OHSS. So I would keep an eye on that and ask your clinic. I googled a lot and found advice regarding how to minimize the symptoms of OHSS by drinking electrolytes, salty foods, and a high protein diet. Hope that helps. PS it's gone now at 3dp5dt :)

i had this 2/3 times after egg collection. Felt so poorly i would be unable to move and husband had to come home from work to 'save me' with paracetamol, heat packs and moving me into a different position as i couldn't have done it myself. Clinic did a couple of blood tests to check for OHSS but they just said i was borderline on those. i also had major constipation which didn't help. Keep plenty of heat on and have painkillers handy incase it does happen again but also mention it to your clinic so they can check for OHSS x

Thank you for that. It’s been ok today. I had to trigger with 2 HCG injections this time so maybe it was that. Yours sounds awful. Glad it’s gone now x

Thank you, blimey your symptoms sounded terrible you poor thing. I will mention it when I go to the clinic as it was just like having endometriosis again . I wasn’t sure I could put heat on in. But I will now . Thanks x

I was in a lot of pain for about two weeks after egg collection. I found 1st few days weren’t to bad but it got worse. Had to have some time off. But it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just because your ovaries are so swollen. It’s all normal. Just make sure you rest. Good luck with ure journey xxxx

Birdboy1 in reply to Stephiex

2 weeks you poor thing. Thank you xx

I had egg collection yesterday and have felt crappy all day today so I’m pleased I saw your post! Bloated and constipated this morning and then opposite this evening! Sounds like it’s all pretty normal. I’m going to see how I go tomorrow and then maybe call clinic for some reassurance if I’m not feeling better. Good luck with your cycle xx

At least we’re in the same boat! Good luck and hope you feel better soon xx

Yes, you too! Xx

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