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6 weeks pregnant...blood when wiping


Sorry if this is TMI...I have just been to the toilet and had pink blood when wiping...not a huge amount but blood nonetheless. I have a pad on and that seems to have remained clear. I am freaking out to the nth degree and don't know what to do! My husband has just called the clinic as I was too upset to talk to anyone. I really wish I was at home.

I am preying that this isn't the end but I have a really bad feeling about it :( feel sick :( xxx

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Sorry to hear this; but I think it is very hopeful it’s light and pink. When I miscarried it was bright red spotting which progressed to fresh blood and huge blood clots; it didn’t stop once it started.

I think spotting like this is very common and normally not a cause for concern; always get it checked out. Most bleeding in pregnancies don’t end up as a miscarriage; more often than not it’s fine.

Hopefully the clinic will arrange a scan at EPU to reassure you all is fine. xoxo

Ekjones86 in reply to jess1981

Thank you Jess. Really appreciate your kind reply. It's such a constant rollercoaster this trying to conceive malarkey isn't it!

So sorry to hear about your sad story 😔

I am waiting for my OH to hear back from the clinic so hopefully they will help out with getting us seen xxx

I had pink spotting and its all fine. - only when i wiped and wore a pad but kept clear so sounds the same as you. At 7 weeks you can have a viability scan to see a heart beat so that can put your mind at rest (thats what we did paid privately)

Ekjones86 in reply to Blondyboo

Thanks hun. It's all such a worry isn't it! I'm booked in for a scan a week Tuesday (1st may) guess I will just have to be patient (😂😂😂) until then lol xxx


I don't have any advice but I'm also 6 weeks pregnant & like you finding everything a worry! I hope your clinic give you some much needed reassure x

Ekjones86 in reply to Hidden

Thank you lovely. It's so worrying isn't it...i don't think that will ever end lol!

We have heard back from the clinic now who have reassured us that it's very common and nothing to worry about. Phew! Have checked since and there is nothing there. Hope everything is going well with you. When is your scan booked in for? Xxx

Hidden in reply to Ekjones86

Yes, I don't think the worry will ever end either! I'm glad you had reassurance from your clinic & no more episodes of blood. I'm going to have a scan on Friday x

As others have said it is positive that it is light and pink. I had spotting like this all throughout the first trimester of my first pregnancy and although alarming initially it became the norm for me. You could always go to your Early Pregnancy Unit (tend to be open mon-fri 9-5). Most accept self referrals. They will often do repeat hcg blood tests and possibly a scan to help put your mind at rest. Good luck xxx

Ekjones86 in reply to Flimzee

Thank you so much for your reply. I don't seem to have had anything since but boy did it give me a fright! I bet it did with you too initially! Xxx

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