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Cannot believe it! I've been taking Utrogestan orally!

Well the title says it all! In my defence I had treatment at a foreign clinic & all my medication boxes, instructions etc were not in English. I translated what it said on the box into English & it said for oral or intravaginal administration. It's only reading on here today that I realised my mistake. I got a BFP after IVF on Wednesday. Have I done any damage???? X

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Hi, I've never taken it so no personal experience but after googling it there's seems to be quite a few that have taken it orally however I don't think it's quite as effective orally as it is intravaginally. However I may be wrong

I Utrogestan can be taken orally.... cyclogest is the pessary. Right now the best thing you can do is not panic. I have a post on my profile about forgetting to even take pessaries twice in a row! And my progynova tablets! I got a BFP. Keep calm and email the clinic; they’ll help. Keep smiling... 2ww is mental... not long now xx

I think you’ll be fine, I agree with the previous poster that it can be taken either way but will be more effective taken as a vaginal pessary.

First congratulations!! Second, you can take utrogestan orally. I take it both vaginally and orally. It just absorbs quicker vaginally that’s all xx

Thank you ladies all so much!!!! I was almost in tears earlier tonight thinking if my previous miscarriages were due to progesterone issues I was going have another one. Sorry if that sounds dramatic but its true. I'm so calm normally but fertility issues have turned me into such a panicker... I wish it hadn't. You people are wonderful 😘

You can do both ways....try not to panic! Maybe just check with your clinic their preference for You!! Xxx

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Thank you sweetheart. I'll give them a ring & check. 😘

Don’t know what your doc told you. It can b taken both orally and also inserted as a pessary. I took both routes in same cycle and everything was ok.

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