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Round 2! 🤞🏻

Hi, I haven’t posted on here for a while since BFN in March. but have been keeping up with everyone’s news. I start cycle 2 on Saturday! With age against me the clinic have let us go again with only 6 week break. I just wanted some thoughts on a few things. Last cycle I had reflexology, very relaxing but to be different this time I’m looking at acupuncture. There is a clinic near me that specialises in it. Is it worth the money and is it ok to start so soon to cycle starting? I have been on pre pregnancy vitamins, does any ones DH take the male version? Lastly my diet is healthy, I am giving up alcohol but I’ve been looking at books that specialise in fertility diet. Anyone used them? Recommendations? Or just stick to my usual healthy diet? Any other advice welcome. Only cycle two so still feel a bit of a newbie again. I do believe in Mother Nature and what will be will be but would like to do the best I can to give it a helping hand. Thanks in advance xx ❣️

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Hi Gemmy! During my first cycle in Nov (short protocol) I had reflexology only twice a month as it was so expensive!

I’m now in my second cycle, and I’ve been having weekly acupuncture since Feb (a couple of friends recommended) and can only afford weekly sessions as it’s in a multi-bed setting. I don’t think it’s as relaxing as reflexology, but I do look forward to it.

In terms of vitamins - DH takes vitamin-d spray and Wellman conception pills. I’ve been taking vitamin-d spray, Ubiquinol CoQ10, pregnancy vitamins and omega 3. We started 3 months ago, so I am hoping that i started early enough to improve egg/sperm quality!

Regarding diet; we’re not following any of the fertility diet books because I find that it’s too expensive to follow and to be completely honest, DH and I eat well enough anyway. The only major lifestyle change I’ve made is that I’ve cut out caffeine since Oct and will treat myself to dark chocolate every now and then. And I will increase my protein intake during stims!

Sending you the best of luck for your upcoming cycle! 💕

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Hi, thank you for your reply. With only having a short break between cycles I gave myself time off so now it’s come around quickly. I have continually taken vitamins and guess my DH starting them now won’t do any harm. I have read about taken CoQ10.

Good luck to you x


My daughter has been having acupuncture and we definitely think it has helped. She has gone from having 2 follicles last September to having 12 follicles on her baseline scan although that went down to 9 the week after. She has produced 8 eggs on her retrievel today which for her is brilliant . Also helps great with the anxiety so I would definitely recommend it xx


Thank you. I will see if I can start even though I’m only a week away from my cycle starting. Thanks and good luck to your daughter x

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