Gearing up for round 2 😁

This month we'll start our frozen cycle and I'm just looking for some words of encouragement really. Last round ended with a weak positive so we really got our hopes up and then they were dashed when it didn't stay. I'm just trying to get myself in a positive mind frame - I found the emotional side of it so difficult last time. Thanks in advance for your help - don't know what I'd do without this forum! Xx

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  • Hey Hun that happened to us on our first ever FET, it's heartbreaking! You get so excited.. We got pregnant naturally the cycle after! But we lost him at 36 weeks πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό I have just found out I am pregnant on our second FET, the more you do the more chance you have, consultants have said to me that your body needs some practice runs first! Your body tried last time so I think your chances are good this time! I had pre and post acupuncture which really helped me to relax, people say it can increase your chances too..

    Good luck Hun xx is it a medicated or natural cycle? Mine was natural xx

  • Oh wow you've had quite a roller coaster xx it'll be a medicated FET. I did ask about a natural but my cycle isn't always 100% regular so they said it wouldn't be reliable. I've been doing acupuncture all the way through - it helps relax me if nothing else!

    I really hope this pregnancy goes smoothly for you and thanks for putting my mind at rest xxx

  • No problem X yes they said to me your cycle has to be regular. Yes I found it relaxing esp before and after transfer X good luck Hun, all the best for the TWW it's hard, but keep busy xx

  • I'm having my fet this month too. I've had 2 bfn's and I know what you mean about the emotional side. We've had a break and I feel ready, but just keep hoping we don't have to face a negative result again. I've read lots of positive stuff about fet's though, and even suggestions that it can work better than a fresh cycle as your body has been less messed around with. Good luck. Xx

  • Thank you Anna. Fingers crossed it works for both of us this time! Xx

  • Hi I know how you feel, I am gearing up for my 3rd cycle. 1ST cycle was a BFN, 2nd cycle was a chemical (none frozen from any) so really hoping its 3rd time lucky. I am half excited and half dreading it but I am sure once I get going it will be fine.

    Hoping we both get our longed for BFP xxxx

  • Oh wow well fingers crossed it's third time lucky. I've just been away with all my husband's extended family and they have about 20 kids between them. They kept on asking when we were having them - it got unbearable at times! I didn't tell any of them about the IVF - just couldn't stand the pressure that would put on it xx

  • We get asked that question all the time, I have learnt to deal with it but still hurts deep down xxx

  • I ended up just telling one of them and she must've mentioned it to the rest because thankfully they stopped asking! Xx

  • It's such an emotional rollercoaster isn't it! Crossing fingers and toes for you and sending baby dust your way x

  • Thank you xx

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