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Keep making silly mistakes here!


Hi ladies, pardon the random post title... I need some reassurance that I’m not the only complete, and utter donut when it comes to making silly little mistakes.

Let me explain.

I’m 20 days post ET. Currently enjoying a lovely sunny break in the gorgeous Emirate of Ras al Khaima.

Now, whilst I’m restricting my sun exposure for fear of over heating, and staying off the cocktails/caffeine etc etc. Good thing the booze culture here isn’t encouraged... I have found myself to be slipping up in my food choices!

Nothing major I don’t think,but still I’m so relaxed I’m almost forgetting the precious ‘lentil’ I’m carrying around ❤️

I’ll be honest, I’ve had perhaps a bit more of the smoked salmon than I should... I accidentally tucked into a pizza at full speed not seeing the cured ham 😬🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh and almost consumed a good amount of goats cheese... til my hubby swiped it off my plate just in time!!!

What is wrong with me?!!!!

Have I done any long term damage?’!

I don’t think I have, please tell me someone else out there has slipped up like me?!

Am I just worried over nothing!

I’m usually a very rational person...

On the other hand, a holiday has certainly kept my mind distracted from the ‘scan’ on 24 April!!! If I had the power and money I’d prescribe everyone a holiday post transfer!!! Lol xxx

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You’ll be alright hun, if the food is good quality you’ll be perfectly fine. People eat all kind of stuff while pregnant and there is no damage. As long as you don’t stuff your face with doggy oysters, egg yolks from a random farm and wash it down with 0.5 litre of vodka while smoking weed... 🤣

Going on holiday is a great idea everyone should try! I’m in Wales now, however the weather is not what I would have chosen🌂☔️☔️🌬

Enjoy the wait and the weather!

Hiya sounds like you're having a nice holiday 😊 I'd say just maybe be careful of the salmon intake from now on. I limit myself to just a little salmon and a little tuna per week. I think with goats cheese, it's a certain type of cheese (cherval or something?), which I've never heard of (I suppose best to avoid if you're not sure). I've never heard of the problem with smoked ham, but then I don't eat meat. Try googling on the NHS website, it's got a fairly definite list. If it makes you feel any better I Google all food, I had prawn scampi last night and convinced I've given myself food poisoning!! 😆

Lilli79 in reply to Lilli79

Oh and by the way, I think you'll be fine. If you were troughing down salmon all day every day maybe, but not if you just had it a couple of times xx

I'm sure you will be fine and the relaxation will do you so much good so enjoy!!

They tell you to avoid different things for different reasons. Most are because of the risk of food poisoning to you rather than damage to the baby. I can’t remember which the ones you’ve mentioned above are not none leap out as a serious damage to the baby one. I definitely had a couple of portions a week of smoked salmon whilst I was pregnant and goats cheese is one of those funny ones depending on whether it’s made with pasturised or unpasteurised milk. I do seem to recall that it’s fine to eat it cooked though if you absolutely love it like I do! Enjoy the rest if your holiday and try not to stress about it too much. What’s done is done and I’m sure you’d know by now if you were going to have a bad reaction from any of it.

The only reason most of those foods are on the list is to do with risk of listeria, so if you don’t have listeria then you’re ok! The salmon is to do with mercury levels so just lay off it now x

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