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Going nuts waiting to test!!

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Hello all- I’m not really looking for advice just need to sound off a little if that’s ok?

It’s currently 00:46 and I’m wide awake! Can’t sleep and can’t stop thinking about my test day- currently 8dp5dt. I’m due to test on Friday. I’ve been trying to stay positive but I can’t help but think it hasn’t worked. I don’t have any significant symptoms and those I did have are fading. Also I wear a Fitbit and my resting heart rate is stable- I’ve often read how it shoots up after implantation, mines done the opposite. So I was lay in bed tonight, wide awake and the horrible reality of how I will feel if the test is negative has hit me. I almost don’t want to test because I don’t want to it to be real.

I know I’m not helping myself but I just can’t shift this, and I can’t bloody sleep!

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Fingers crossed for you on Friday. I didn’t have any symptoms at all and I got a bfp ( ended with cp) just try not to test til otd I tested early as was negative wasn’t even going to test on my otd but I was shocked when it said positive xx

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Hugs. It’s so bloody hard isn’t it?! I’m currently 8 days post ovulation and wondering when I can test haha!

By the way I had no symptoms when I fell pregnant last year; literally felt my period was coming the whole time!! I felt no different and kept saying to my hubby that I couldn’t be as I didn’t feel different. 😆( I did miscarry) Early pregnancy symptoms vs PMS are identical and impossible to tell apart.

Good luck for Friday truly hope it’s good news 😘🙌🏻🌈 xoxo

Thank you ladies for the kind words. In Work now, and feeling anxious. I’m half tempted to test but it wouldn’t be fair on my husband as we agreed to wait until the test date and do it together. I just need to find some ways to relax and distract myself x

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I am going through the same thing! I think I am a few days ahead of you. I am 10dp5dt and did an afternoon test yesterday (day9) that was negative. Feeling like I should have had a faint line if there was hope.

I didn't sleep at all last night either! Worrying that it is over and imagining future rounds.....

I am trying to wait until Friday which is 12dp5dt to do another test. My blood test is booked at the clinic on Monday that would be day 15.

Have you got a blood test booked?


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Glad I’m not the only one having sleepless night- I felt like a real drama llama last night but just couldn’t relax. No blood text booked, my clinic doesn’t seem to do them? I don’t know as it’s my first cycle, perhaps they do them if it’s a positive? X

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Hi it is my first cycle too - so a bit in the dark. I have a blood test on Monday - but like a crazy woman trying to stop myself testing again! ;)

They say you have to relax - but I do not know how that is possible! :)

I will try to make myself wait until Friday to test again.

Fingers crossed for you!

Wishing I could have a big glass of wine to help me sleep tonight!


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Hope it all goes ok for you today! xxx

Hi Nona

I’m testing on Friday too.. soooo tempted to POAS but terrified 😔

Hang in there! x

Hi Lorry. Yes terrified- that’s the exact word. Terrified of the outcome and the prospect it’s all over. I’ve been trying to be more positive but these last couple of days I just can’t shift the dread! X

How are you feeling Nona? Test day tomorrow 😬😊🤞x

Well I had a work event last night so that was a perfect distraction. Today I honestly feel like it’s going to be negative- I feel the most ‘normal’ I have for weeks. Kinda dreading it 😱

How are you?! X

Oh I know believe me! I’ve taken tomorrow off work and staying at the 5* hotel my sister works at.. last time I got the BFN at 5.00 and was stuck at work unt 8.00, don’t want to do that again 😱

Good luck to us both tomorrow 🤞💖 👶 xxx

Great idea!! Lots of luck and love to you x

Same to you xxx

How are you Nona?x

Thinking of you Hun u will be fine xx

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Good luck xx

I can completely sympathise with your anxieties, it never ends! I’m 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant... I’m always worrying, we’ve never been this close. The feeling of it all slipping away at our next scan is very real. Try and keep your mind busy, I played a lot of snake on my phone lol.

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Dancer84 in reply to Princes14

Thank you. Going out for dinner tonight to stay busy x

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