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FET cycle this month


Hi everyone

This week I will be going for a FET and so far I have been told that I have a very good uterine lining which is 10mm with a triple lining.

My fresh ivf had failed and I was never told about the lining.

I have two frozen embryos left which I have been told that are between Grade A and B

What are the chances of implantation if one has a good lining

I am getting very nervous as the day of the transfer is approaching and can’t stop worrying about the day I will get my beta hcg results

I must mention I had been prescribed Vit E tablets which improve circulation and have an antioxidant effect in the body and I have rad a lot of reports that Vit E increases ivf success

Does anybody have a success story out there.

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Sorry, no idea about what your chances are of successful implantation but just wanted to wish you luck xxx

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