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Success stories with IVF or FET and a thin lining


Hi, my husband and I recently had our first IVF transfer cancelled due to thin lining.

On the positive side we have 7 embryos that made it to day 5, which are now waiting patiently for us in the freezer.

This cycle my clinic has started me on progynova (estrogen tablets) to thicken my lining.

Just wondering if anyone has any success with this medication in an FET cycle?

I am trying to stay optimistic but it is hard as I have never been able to get my lining get past 6mm on a natural cycle.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you :)

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Sorry your last cycle was cancelled but glad to hear you have some embies frozen.

I was on a different names medication that does the same thing but I know ladies here have used it and had success.

Hoping all goes well. Xxx

BabyRew82 in reply to genten

Thanks Genten. I hope so too xx

Hello! I got pregnant on both of my FETs, sadly I miscarried which wasn’t due to the lining as it was super thick! I was on the progynova also. They’ll scan you and can then alter your medication depending on how you’re getting on. Best of luck xx

BabyRew82 in reply to Aleelilook

Sorry to hear of your miscarriages. That is so hard to go through. I hope you have found the strength to move forward. That’s good to know that progynova has worked for you. I’m hoping my clinic has got the right dose of progynova for me, they have started me on an increasing dose up to 8mg daily, and then I will be on 10mg for at least one week. Fingers crossed for us both xx

Aleelilook in reply to BabyRew82

Thank you, I’ve actually got my biopsy results today so we will see what the new plan is. I was started on 8mg, and all was fine, and although your lining wasn’t hugely thick it was moving in the right direction, so hopefully the drugs will work their magic! Xx

My clinic uses progynova. I fully expect to start today. No real side effectsnthat j can think of and I have never had an issue with lining. However this time I am on aspirin (which I have read can reduce the thickness) and they have upped my dose slightly.

Good luck xxx

BabyRew82 in reply to Camillage

Thanks Camillage, same to you xx

You can do Yuga for endometrium linning.its very helpful.

BabyRew82 in reply to sohely

I have been thinking about giving Yoga a try, thanks for the tip :)

sohely in reply to BabyRew82

I am doing Yuga for my thin linning and it's really can do yogaYen ,s vedio for thin endometrium.

Hi, I'm sorry to hear your cycle was cancelled. My lining was 5mm i had my frozen cycle at just under 6mm. I am taking 10mg of progynoava and 2 pessaries a day, i am 5 weeks still early days but a positive from my fresh cycle xx

BabyRew82 in reply to Sammy18

Congratulations!!! Fingers crossed for you and a happy 9 months :) xx This gives me some hope that I still have a chance even if my lining doesn’t thicken up on these meds. My doctor did say that as long as my lining looks healthy and has a triple stripe appearance, he is happy to go ahead with the transfer, if it is thicker than 6mm. I am secretly hoping my lining reaches over 8mm ;)

Hi BabyRew82, I just came across your post and I could’ve written it myself! Thin lining issues, due to start a FET cycle in a couple of weeks and 5 frozen embryos waiting. How’re you getting on with the Progynova meds if you don’t mind me asking? This is my clinics plan for me too xx

BabyRew82 in reply to AbbeyT

Hi Abbey, I can’t work out if the progynova will work for me or not. It might be too early to tell yet. From what I have learnt from others it can take numerous cycles for the body to respond and for the clinic to get the dose that works for you. There are pills, patches, and injections that contain progynova and sometimes a combination of these work better for some people. It takes a lot of patience but sometimes multiple cycles of progynova are the only thing that works. Other people respond really well on their first cycle. For my first FET I was on a pretty high dose of the pill form which was stepped up gradually from 2mg to 10mg. At day 14 my lining was only 4mm and my clinic wanted me to keep taking the 10mg until day 21. At the next scan it was just over 4mm so not a good result and the cycle was cancelled. Now just waiting for my period so that I can start taking the progynova again. They said it would be about 3-7 days until my period arrives but it could be longer. For this next round my clinic wants me to start on 10mg and stepping up to 18mg which seems like a very high dose and it made me so tired last time! But it’s all worth it if it works! I hope this is the thing that works for you and I hope this info helps. Keep me updated how you are going. It’s good to know we aren’t alone in this :)

That’s interesting to hear, as my clinic didn’t sound particularly confident at a second cycle responding well if it didn’t respond well the first cycle. They are trying me on a combination of injections and patches... fingers crossed for you too- isn’t it so frustrating that we have a good number of embryos but what feels like the basic bit, with the lining, just isn’t progressing! Good luck with your next cycle, hopefully the higher dose will work out for you xx

BabyRew82 in reply to AbbeyT

It is so frustrating, that’s what I keep thinking too. I hope it works out for us both this time around. I am starting my second round tonight! Xx

AbbeyT in reply to BabyRew82

Oh good luck! ✌🏻 Xx

I had to go on the same medicine to thicken my lining and advised to put on weight and it thickened a lot! Xx

Thanks for your reply. I am in a healthy weight range for my height and I eat very healthy, and I am sure I am doing all the right things, I just don’t think my body responds well to the progynova. I have had a few medical professionals mention that because progynova contains Estrogen like the contraceptive pill, and due to prolonged use of taking the pill in my younger years, this could now be causing my lining to respond poorly to Estrogen, even the Estrogen produced by my own body.

I’m waiting to start a FET and in the same boat as my lining has been thin on my natural cycles.

My clinic is starting me on clexane ( blood thinners ) aspirin and viagra early this time as these all help with thin lining by improving blood flow to the uterus. If lining still isn’t thick enough they use a neupogen uterine wash before transfers. Maybe worth asking your clinic about other meds that could help? I’ve not yet had the neupogen wash so can’t say if it helped me yet

Best wishes xx

BabyRew82 in reply to rivershark

Thanks Rivershark. Yes since I posted this 8 months ago, I moved to a new clinic and was taken off progynova as it wasn’t working and I was put on vitamin e, viagra, and baby aspirin, for a natural FET. Still my lining was only 6.5mm, but we were getting closer. That was our 5th consecutive transfer that was cancelled due to thin lining. Next round we added the neupogen injection on the day of ovulation and what do you know, literally overnight my lining shot up to 7.7mm and we made it to our first ever transfer in March this year. Unfortunately that cycle was BFN, but we did the same protocol again this cycle and it worked wonders on my lining again so I am currently PUPO with 2 embryos. So happy something has finally worked for us so we can actually make it to transfer. Before it wasn’t even possible.

Wishing you all the best on your journey as well xx

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