When will transfer happen? FET cycle

Hi everyone,

I had my scan today to check lining ready and the nurse said the drugs are working and the lining is looking good. I was told that embryo transfer will happen within 7 days so she suggested it could happen Monday or Tuesday however Monday is a bank holiday? Anyone else had this experience, did transfer happen earlier? I'm doing a drug assisted cycle and they told me to continue taking the drugs as normal and I will get a call later in the week with a date.

Trying to plan ahead because of work. Kinda hoping it will happen sooner xxx

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  • I am sorry I don't have the answers but I too am having a fet and have come on my period 3 days earlier which has thrown me out too. Good luck.

  • Oh sorry to hear this! Are you doing drug or natural cycle? Do they know why this happened? What happens next for you now? X

  • I am doing a drug cycle but they don't down reg me before. To be honest i am going sound quite clueless now but I have to start my estrofem day 2 and then have a scan on day 11 with a view to having the transfer on day 19. However I am having my treatment abroad and I can't find anyone who has had the same protocol. How has yours worked. Xx

  • That does sound quite similar to my cycle. I phoned on day 1 of period. Started my drugs on day 2 and had my scan today which was day 14 and they said that transfer will happen within 7 days taking me up to day 21.

  • Oh I am pleased you were simliar. I read so much on fresh cycles which meant I felt quite confident but not so much on fet which is meant to be so straight forward. It is good to know that there sounds like there is a bit of flexibility on the dates. X

  • Yeah it sounds like your on the right track. I hope it all goes well for you

  • Hi Tara2016. Your clinic will be aware that a Bank Holiday is on the horizon, so try not to worry. They may even have you in this Friday/Saturday if all continues to be OK, so fingers crossed, and I do hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • Thank you I am really hoping it is this weekend but just will have to wait. Fingers crossed x

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