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Ashwagandha during treatment - yes or no?

Hi ladies,

I’m due to start downregulation on Monday (round 2 - first ivf failed last April + 2 failed FET...). I ve been taking Ashwagandha (Pukka , 1 capsule/day) for the past month, does anyone know if it’s ok to carrry on or better to stop? it’s supposed to relax the mind but by playing on hormones if I understand correctly so not sure??

Thanks and Happy Easter 🐣

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Hi AlexHoBo. I do know that this herb is not recommended during pregnancy, because of risk of miscarriage or early labour. I’m afraid I don’t know about during treatment cycles, but my opinion would be to be careful. Speak to your specialist or GP for their advice. Hope all goes well with this cycle. Diane

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Thanks very much Diane!!! Sounds like I should probably stop. All the best !


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